Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Role of the G.O.P.

Watching the fucktard party melt down I, like most free thinkers, can't help but snicker with glee.
Squirming uncomfortably as Rush Limbaugh blathers his hate speech, and they dare not refute him, the less insane members quietly yet vigorously try to come up with a way to stay relevant.
Hitching their wagon to the religiously insane and the racists won them elections for a brief time, but all the things those fucktards were for are now irrelevant to Americans.
Despite the desperate lies of Fox "News" and A.M. hate radio, we as a people no longer hate minorities and gays, two of the fundemental "values" that hold the Republicans together.
The bullshit that got the working class to vote for the bastard Ronald Regan no longer works. The wink and nod to the despicable pieces of shit like Bob Jones University and code words like States Rights and Welfare Queens fail to sway the working class to vote the wealthy a tax cut.
Indeed that is all the G.O.P. has ever been about. Greed. Selfishness. Class elitism.
Historically, the Republicans have proven they are incapable of governing effectively. In the last half century only through celebrities have they managed to elect a president who maintained any effective popularity.
Eisenhower managed to maintain a comfortable approval rating despite having a very mediocre presidency. He managed this because of his high celebrity status from being Supreme Commander of the Allied forces during the European theater of WWII.
The bastard Ronald Regan had very high approval ratings despite being the worse president ever up to that time. His training as a Hollywood celebrity and his charm made the very people he was bending over and dry ass fucking approve of him.
The rest of the Republican presidents in the last half century: Nixon, Ford, Bush the Smarter, and Bush the Dumbass without the celebrity status were all dismal failures despite having virtually the same policies as the bastard Regan.
With hate and homophobia (the epoxy that bonds the fucktards together) dissolving at an ever increasing pace the future looks very bleak for the Repugs.
However the G.O.P. does have a role needed in our government.
The one thing they have proven themselves to be good at is being obstructionists.
Even though I am a Democrat, I do not want them to have unchecked power as they will inevitability fall to the seductive siren of power.
We need someone to keep an eye on the Dems and make sure they are not getting blowjobs at work or using government postage stamps for personal use.
Who else but a pissed off fucktard lawmaker from some racist district in the deep south, desperately trying to appear relevant could do the job that well?
There you go G.O.P. leaders. Now you have something to strive for.
Space Trucker Out

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