Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Touching Lives in 140 characters or less

Today has been a quiet day on Twitter, at least for a group of Tweeps I, @warriorblue, am privileged to call friends @spacetrucker @babykk09 @kritner @Asimov7 @sherriwilson @lilbughi. Someone who had only recently become a friend to most of us, @BamaRock28 passed away last weekend and we are missing him.

While some of the group have met each other, I had never met @BamaRock28 in person or even heard his voice. It seems strange that you can miss the presence of someone who you have never laid eyes on, but I suppose this is the new reality of life. You can now touch people's lives in 140 characters or less.

@BamaRock 28 - Peace to you, my friend.