Friday, November 18, 2011

Twilight's Last Gleaming

One of the things that always chapped my ass is when people run their fucking mouth on something they have no idea of what they are talking about.
For instance being critical of a movie or book that they haven't seen or read. Kinda like the right-wing fucktards that shrieked and beat their chests about Micheal Moore's “Fahrenheit 911”.
So, I am kinda guilty about that as I am gonna run my fucking mouth about the Twilight movies.
I have heard quiet a bit about them. Most of my horror loving friends hate them or the idea of them as I imagine, like me, they haven't seen them.
Pretty boy vampires that sparkle in the sun instead of exploding or erupting in spontaneous combustion like they are supposed to doesn't help the critics either.
Like I said, I haven't seen any of the movies, but I am considering it. I will probably find they suck balls as a horror movie that is family friendly is an oxymoron and normally should be considered an abomination in the eyes of Cthulhu.
But regardless if I like them or not, perhaps something good can come from them.
Before you start cussing and defriending me on FaceBook, hear me out.
The target audience for these movies seems to be adolescent girls. A section of the population that normally would never go see “From Dusk to Dawn” or “Dawn of the Dead” or any other superior horror flick.
Perhaps because they like these movies, as they get older and find the allure of a Rated “R” movie intriguing they may try a bona fide horror production. Perhaps they may even like it. Who knows?
A whole new generation of gore whores may be born from this bubble gum franchise and join the rest of us “normal” horror fans basking in the glory of splatter exploitation.
The other side of the coin is, studios will probably green light a whole slew of watered down family friendly PG-13 horror productions aimed at the girl teen audience.
When Star Wars was released in 1977, hard core science fiction fans and personalities groaned in dismay for much the same reason.
Harlan Ellison deemed it as “junk food for the mind”.
Indeed, Star Wars was to true science fiction what Twilight is to true horror. Except that Star Wars is good.
And the studios did flood us with some really bad movies trying to cash in on Star Wars popularity. “Battle Beyond the Stars” and “Star Crash” come to mind.
But, some good things came out of it too.
The on again off again rebirth of the much superior Star Trek franchise finally got a big screen go ahead because of the Star Wars success.
We got Logan's Run, Close Encounters, and many superior low budget productions.
Hopefully we can see the same from Twilight. Hope does spring eternal.
Twilight will sparkle for awhile, then it will fade into obscurity.
Maybe some new horror fans will spawn from it and vampires will once again rise on the big screen to feed and seduce and be evil like they should be.
But until then, thank you Twilight. You make us Trekkies seem like normal people.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Teabagging the Dog.

It used to be the primaries of a presidential election were to find the best and brightest of the party to debate it out and have us choose which one of these outstanding American citizens we wanted to go forward into the general election and hopefully win it and become the leader of the free world.
The GOP has decided to self destruct in a manner that would normally be considered funny as fucking hell, if it weren't for such dire situations.
By hitching their wagon to the far right wing social conservative fucktards, like the Tea Party their dog is now effectively being wagged by the tail. Whether by accident of design, the Tea Party dances at the strings of the uber rich like the Koch brothers and other politically active billionaires.
To get the poor and working class to go along with a plan to keep the upper class, county club member, social elites from paying taxes, they had to pander to the lowest common denominator. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.
This strategy is very effective in southern states where people are sharp as bags of wet oatmeal and as bright as a rusty ball ping hammer.
But the bad news for the GOP is, all their leading candidates are about as dumb as the fucktards they pandered to, and it shows during the primary. Donning big floppy shoes and bright red rubber noses could not have been any worse at showing what a bunch of morons they are running.
Normally we would think this is a good thing as unless he is caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl, Obama is a shoe-in for a historic re-election landslide in 2012.
But with an assumed 2nd term in the bag, I am afraid Obama may continue to lean right toward the corporate interests. After all he has no one to challenge him on any of his policy decisions as their will be no Democratic primary and no one will take anything the stooges say seriously. I heard that the White House is already gearing up for a campaign against Romney.
A Massachusetts liberal that supports gun laws, womens choice, and universal health care, (yeah he has flip flopped on those recently) who wears magical underwear because he belongs to what most of the Tea Party nuts think of as a cult. As if his nutty Mormon beliefs are any goofier than the ones the Teabaggers believe.
Let's just hope that Obama, unencumbered with having to worry about another election, will focus on things that are the right thing to do, I.E., closing Guantanamo, ending the wars, taxing the wealthy, pushing for alternative energy, and other things that get the right wing fucktards howling in dismay.
I haven't given up on Obama. But he does need to stand up and realize that the right will hate and vilify him forever.
Nothing can be done about that. So fuck'em. Get to work on being a great president Mr. Obama and not worry about getting republicans to like you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Smoke and mirrors: padding the polls

Lately I've been hearing a lot of hype on the news about President Obama's sinking approval ratings. They would have us believe that most of us are at odds with the current administration, including we who voted for Obama.
I do a lot of online surveys, and have, in just the past few weeks been asked about my political views. The minute I click on or type in "Liberal" I am disqualified from taking the survey. They don't want my opinion or that of any other liberal because they don't want their audience to see through the smoke and mirrors and realize President Obama is still popular and that we stand behind the man we elected to head our country.
So the next time you see a report that the President is losing popularity, don't be fooled into believing you are supporting a lost cause. It's what the GOP and the right wing media want you to believe and they will pad their polls to get the numbers they want, even if it is a lie.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Tree hugger, hippy, nature nut: I've heard them all. I am an environmentalist. I believe in healing and protecting the earth. I do not litter because I would never think of throwing trash on my mother. I am careful about the size of my carbon footprint. I drive a small car and try not to do that too often. When I do I invite someone along and knock out as many errands as my companion and I can so I won't have to go out for awhile. I turn off lights. I plant flowers. I believe a weed is just a flower I haven't met yet. I tread as lightly as possible on the earth.
I do that because I believe in and exercise the mentalist part of environmentalist. I think about what the earth will be like if we don't take care of it. I think about what future my grandchildren's children will have. I think about what the earth will be like long after my ashes have been absorbed into the earth. I think about how important it is to remember if we don't take care of the earth, life could cease to exist on this young planet.
Sometimes I wonder about the lives of beings I am certain inhabit other worlds. Would we be welcome there if we trashed our own planet to the extent it became uninhabitable? Could we even find out way to another world?
I am an environmentalist because I choose to live as if, a hundred years from now I myself would have to live with what I create in my lifetime. The future does not belong to me. It belongs to the yet unborn. It belongs to seven generations beyond my time. I hope what we do now will create a planet with life abundant and healthy for that far future generation. so I will do my part and be a tree hugger, a hippy, and a nature lover. It's the least I can do.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

trickle down effect on inflation

You and I have seen it and felt int since Reagan first implemented his trickle down policy. What really trickled down was higher prices. We have seen inflation grow far faster than incomes, people struggling to keep up with the cost of living while the huge corporations have pocketed profits. Their profits didn't trickle down. They simply took their tax breaks to earn untaxed profits which they pocketed.
Gas, food and housing prices have increased year by year.
In 1980 $50 fed my family of four for a week. Today I spent $50 on groceries. I will be lucky if the food I bought lasts a week and I live alone. What fed 4 people in 1980 won't feed one person at today's prices. That is more than a 400% increase in food prices alone.
My annual income is a mere $2000 more than it was back then.
And they wonder why Americans are so angry with big corporations and the GOP. Isn't it time to wean these big-shots off the government teat?
Currently 40% of the nation's homeless population are children. Should we continue to allow those huge profits that never trickle down to continue while children are homeless and hungry in our own country?
Trickle down will never work unless greed is outlawed and I don't see that happening any time soon.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Robbing Peter to pay Paul: how they stole social security

What really happened to the Social Security “Trust Fund”? The key words in the answer are Trust Fund.
Establishing the social security resources as a trust fund allowed our government to use that tax known by all who earn a paycheck as FICA.
In fact making it a trust fund required our government to “invest” the social security funds.
And invest they did. Our representatives have used social security as a blank check for so long they have created the current debt for which they want to blame Barak Obama.
It is a fact that the solvency of the social security trust fund diminished and then disappeared.
The short answer is that money was sold in the form of treasury bonds, meaning the government used it to borrow money which paid out to investors more than the government collected in revenues.
Now if someone “borrowed” money from you, got in a poker game and lost it, you would say he owed you that money right?

Well guess what? Our government borrowed our money, gambled and lost it, and now they say we owe that money to our government. Isn’t that stealing?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Argument for Industrial Hemp

It is common knowledge that our addiction to fossil fuels must end. It is not a renewable resource, and will be depleted in the first half of this century. The world has become fast paced and traveling anywhere takes hours instead of weeks or even months. Fossil fuels have created a world that runs at an almost head spinning pace.
We have become addicted to this face paced lifestyle, and our addiction to fossil fuels has kept pace with our desire to travel the world and beyond.
Many people don’t realize the potential for alternative fuels. They argue that using corn will cause a rise in food prices. Maybe that is true, or perhaps not, but corn is not the best alternative fuel resource.
Industrial hemp is not the same as cannabis grown for mind altering consumption. It grows very tall, with thick, fibrous stocks. It is harsh and unpleasant for smoking and one would likely be left with a headache if they tried to smoke enough to make them high.
In the mid nineteen thirties oil companies became aware of the potential for hemp. Anything that can be made from fossil fuels can also be made from hemp. The oil barons began a campaign to make the growing of all cannabis
products illegal. A law was enacted that did just that. A farmer could not grow hemp or even possess it without paying a special tax. The catch was, the farmer must prove he was growing cannabis before he could have the product taxed. To do so would then be a crime. Big oil grew out of making cannabis essentially illegal to grow and possess. Having eliminated its greatest competition, fossil fuel became the black gold that now rules the world, driving the economy and keeping us addicted to everything from automobile fuel to plastics.
Hemp is sturdy enough to make plastic, long lasting and easily cared for clothing, rope, canvas, and fuel for everything from family cars to jet planes.
It burns cleaner than oil. this renewable resource is gentle on the environment and growing it would improve farmlands and wetlands, preventing the devastating floods we have seen in recent decades.
This is a simple solution to so many problems we are passing down to future generations. Isn’t it time we stopped being crazy about a product with not just recreational or medicinal properties but with the potential to heal the earth and pass on a better world to our descendents?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Logic of Oil

This morning, one of the topics on the morning news is the price of gasoline and the mutterings going on in Congress about whether or not to continue giving tax breaks to the oil industry.

Let’s list some things that are true.

1. Oil is a finite commodity and is not a renewable resource. Once what is there is gone, there won’t be any more until we go through our next global extinction cycle.

2. As the tap continues to run dry, prices for oil and oil related materials will continue to rise. Let’s face it folks, gas prices have nowhere to go in the long run except up. There may be some bumps up and down influenced by refining and by world events, but we have seen the last of a dollar a gallon gasoline. It’s a fact, deal with it.

3. Unless we take steps to come up with some alternate sources of energy, once the tap runs dry, our world will undergo a drastic change which we are not prepared to cope with.

4. Oil companies are not keen on developing alternative energy sources. This would be counterproductive to their bottom line, and the energy execs don’t give a rat’s ass if your children or grandchildren have to revert to living in the 18th century. Their families are going to be well set for at least a couple of generations by the money these guys are making now, and they will be dead and gone long before the proverbial shit hits the fan.

5. Politicians are influenced by campaign donations and by lobbyists. Oil companies have plenty of money both to contribute to politicians and to hire lobbyists to influence the votes of elected officials.

6. Everything you read or hear is not true. That means that when you hear that the solution to the high gasoline prices is more and more drilling, you need to really do some examination of those claims and not just take everything that Fox News tells you at face value. Oil companies also have lots and lots of money to fill the airwaves with propaganda designed to influence voters to elect officials who will vote the way the oil companies want them to vote.

7. Oil companies want to maintain the status quo. This means that they want to continue to enjoy the tax breaks they have enjoyed for many years while amassing billions of dollars in profits at the expense of John Factoryworker who is spending 10 percent of his weekly take home just to be able to get to work and back. (John Factoryworker as a point of reference, is someone earning $40,000.00 a year, not minimum wage) Four dollar a gallon gas means nothing to the day to day lives of oil execs and the politicians to whom they owe at least a portion of their good fortune.

8. There is no incentive to develop new energy sources under the current system.

There is no logic to continuing this cycle.

Here are a few other “truths”.

1. It is probably already too late to start working on meaningful alternate energy sources. What this means is that when crunch time arrives and the oil runs out, there is going to be a scramble to try and come up with something so that we can maintain the lifestyle that we have all become accustomed to. Unfortunately, it will be extremely difficult to power the years of research and development that will be needed to come up with alternatives without oil. So if we continue to wait, there may be nothing to be done and no way to do it.

2. Necessity is the mother of invention. In this moment and for at least several more years, or decades, the need for development of alternative energy sources is not immediate. The TV won’t go dark tomorrow. It is, therefore, easy to sit back and let things run their course, let the politicians continue to be influenced by oil company money, and let things continue along the path. Prices will continue to rise and we will continue to complain and do nothing until you can no longer afford to live in the suburbs and drive to the city to work, or the TV really does go dark.

3. Don’t discount the unthinkable. The unthinkable happens all the time.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm So Old I Can Remember...

First of all, I would like to thank my best friend for letting me borrow a laptop so I can try to start blogging again.
I’m not sure where I wanted to start, a lot of bullshit going on since my last post, so I thought I would just post another observational list type of thing. I need to get used to this tiny ass keyboard.

Since I’ve made almost 52 trips around the yellow star known to the locals as Sol, I thought I would let people know how it was when I was younger.
Young people love hearing that shit.
Hey, my story ain’t as bad as the ones the old fuckers told me, so live with it.

I’m so old I can remember when the kids hated the teachers and the adults supported them. Somehow this has turned around. Adults think teachers are overpaid and elite and deserve to have their pay cut, their pensions slashed and to have the ability to organize taken away from them.
The kids seem to be the one to stand up for their teachers now. The world has gone fucking mad.

I’m so old I can remember science being a good thing. We looked at the smart people to educate us and to help us make the world a better place.
Now science is viewed with suspicion and scorn. We elect the dumbest goddamn idiots to public office. Idiots who believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old and Jesus walked with the fucking dinosaurs.

I’m so old I can remember when reporters had integrity and would only report news with a minimum of two reliable sources. Now assholes like Matt Drudge sets the standard for news. Heavily edited and out of context video is the norm.

I’m so old I can remember when people thought it was a good thing for fellow Americans to have a good job with benefits.

I’m so old I can remember products were made in America and were meant to last.

Not everything I can remember was all that good however.

I’m so old I can remember when their were only 3 or 4 channels on the television. If you didn’t like what was on it, you had to get up off your fucking ass and walk across the room and change the channel on the the TV itself. Sometimes you had to adjust the antenna. If it was “rabbit ears”, you could do it while standing at the TV. If it was the kind on the pole outside, you had to go out there and twist it back and fucking forth an inch or so while someone on the inside hollered, “TURN IT BACK! RIGHT THERE! NO, WAIT! GO BACK!”

I’m so old I can remember fucking party lines. For you young fuckers, that is when several people in your neighborhood shared a fucking phone line. It fucking sucked.

I’m so old I can remember when black people couldn’t sit with us white people in the movie theater. They had their own cordoned off area in the balcony with a wall dividing them. They weren’t allowed to come in the regular entrance either.

I’m so old I can remember when a wreck at highway speeds usually meant death. This was before the nosy ass government along with Ralph Nader forced safer vehicles on us.

I’m so old I can remember when there were no video games. The first video game I got to play was a demonstration of landing a lunar lander at the Alabama Space and Rocket Center sometime in the 70s.

I’m so old I can remember when many members of the Democratic Party were racists pigs. When it became the mandate of the Democratic Party to embrace civil rights legislation, most of those racist bastards fled. Guess which party welcomed them with open arms? Think Ronald Reagan, Trent Lott, Strom Thurman, George Wallace, and a shitload of others.

Yeah, things have changed. I guess things are overall better than they used to be, even with goofy kids walking around with their pants hanging so low you can see their drawers all the while holding their dicks with one hand. How the fuck did that become something cool? Seriously?

Well, this concludes this edition of BACK TO BLOGGING.
See you soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Asshole of the Week - Al From Dadeville

This edition of Asshole of the Week goes to “Al from Dadeville”.
This piece of shit saw fit to poison the Toomer Trees at the Auburn University after the Alabama Crimson Tide lost to Auburn this past season.
The motherfucker identified himself as Al from Dadeville when he called into the Paul Finebaum radio show to brag about his deed.
These trees are estimated to be around 130 fucking years old.
Think about that.
130 years ago was 1881. Chester A. Arthur was president then. He became president following the assassination of James Garfield.
The trees were already pretty good size when the Spanish American War broke out.
They were there through World War I, World War II, Suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement, the Space Race, and many other events that I can't even fucking think of right now.
They were here all that time, just to be poisoned by some asshole Alabama fan.
What the fuck is wrong with people? How can anyone have that much hatred for a rival school to do something like this?
I am a die hard Roll Tide fan and always will be. This bastard does not speak for me or anyone else. Anybody at the University of Alabama that knows who did this should turn him in immediately.
I hope criminal and civil charges are brought up on this bastard and the courts make a goddam example out of him.
This bastard is pussy and a coward. He doesn't deserve to any national attention other than his fucking trial.
Auburn University said they will do everything they can to save the trees, but the outlook is bleak. The poison he used evidently is made to kill trees and he dosed the fuck out of the ground around them.
I hope resulting litigation bankrupts his ass and he has no choice but to seek employment in the lumber industry. Make him bust his ass day in and day out for the rest of his miserable life.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why I Don't Like Sarah Palin

If you have been paying any attention to the “lamestream” media you have probably heard why liberals hate Sarah Palin.
More than likely these reasons come from supporters of Palin, and not the critics of her themselves.
Holier-than-thou Blowhard, Bill O'Reilly elucidated liberals hate Palin along with Michelle Bachman because they are pretty.
Former amateur porn model “Dr.” Laura answered the question from the right-wing Einstein, Sean Hannity that the reason is because Sarah has “big balls”.
Jim Geraghty of The National Review says it is because she didn't divorce her husband and abort her Downs Syndrome kid.
The varied reasons go on and on. And all are pure nonsense.
If these people sincerely want to make a show or print an article about why the left doesn't like Palin, why don't they simply ASK SOMEONE ON THE LEFT WHO DOESN'T LIKE HER?
The obvious reason would be that they don't want to give attention to someone who can legitimately point out what is wrong with her.
After all, these peoples jobs are to merely prop Palin up as to lend support to a phony populist ideology that the corporations are pushing on us.
In an honest debate about Palin, where the liberal has a chance to talk without being shouted down or having their words edited, I would imagine his or her words would be something like this:
Why do I hate Palin?
Well, where to start? So many places. How about a bullet list? (pun intended)
1. Her dishonesty. She repeatedly lies, unchallenged, about the most ludicrous things.
And no, it doesn't happen on both sides either. Remember the supposed “lies” from Bill Clinton about not inhaling or not having sex with that woman? Did they go unchallenged? Of course they didn't. Whole networks and radio lineups were created around challenging those “lies”.
Yes, we probably would hate her a little less, if a competent liberal had the opportunity to have an equal chance to respond to her stupid dishonest statements about Death Panels and “paling around with terrorists”.
2. She's a moron. Ok. Maybe that isn't a reason to hate her, but hey... we are still neck deep in a mess because of the 8 years of a moron president and his bumblings. The thought of going through that again is to repulsive of a thought to have to deal with.
She barely can make a coherent statement in a friendly, non confrontational environment. When she couldn't answer a simple question from Katie Curic about what periodicals she reads, she played the persecuted victim of “gotcha journalism”. Calling her an empty suit is an insult to haberdasheries everywhere and I would like to take this moment to apologize to Mens Warehouse, Eds Big and Tall and all the other related clothing outlets in America for my use of that term in the past.
3. She is religiously insane. Maybe the comments about the Alaskan Pipeline being God's will and the war in Iraq is a task from God, is just right-wing hyperbole, but her membership in a church who believes in the “end of times” non-sense along with the belief that they can raise the dead does give us concern.
4. She shoots wolves. Ok, we do know that there has to be some type of reasonable population control of these animals but we can't help but think making a sport of shooting them with high powered rifles from a helicopter along with throwing poison gas grenades in the dens to kill the pups is repulsive. Hey. We are liberals. We like animals and find this type of behavior horrific.
5. She is always portraying herself as a poor persecuted victim of the media. She keeps on pretending that the left is trying to silence her and she is just barely getting her message out. She repeats this on her Facebook, Twitter, Internet sites, and various Sarah friendly shows on Fox completely oblivious of the fact that she has a bigger microphone than 99.999999999% of anyone else on the planet.
When those of us on the left, who have been warning for months that her violent rhetoric was dangerous, pointed out that she bears partial responsibility to goading that crazy man to unload 30+ rounds into a crowd in Arizona, she jumped on that “I'm the victim” bandwagon once again and announced that the left was blaming her because they really want to bring the country to her knees. Evidently she thinks of herself as a Samson type of hero, fighting off the hoards of attackers solo with only the jaw bone of an ass, keeping the liberals from destroying America.
It can't be that we honestly believe what we are saying about her rhetoric, oh no. We really want to destroy America and she is standing in our way. How silly.
So that is some good reasons. There are more, but that is enough to not like someone. Right?
No, Bill O'Reilly, we don't hate her because she has nice looking tits.
No, Dr. Laura, we don't give a crap how big her balls are.
No, Jim Geraghty, we don't care she chooses to stay married to an imbecile or has a special needs child.
No. We don't like her because she represents everything that is wrong with America. She appeals to the lowest common denominator. She does not believe in religious liberty unless it is her religion. She slaughters animals for sport. She takes dishonesty and divisive rhetoric to an all knew height.
She is repulsive.
The honest question should not be why do liberals hate Sarah Palin but why, bumper sticker slogans aside, do you like her?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Asshole of the Week - Sarah Palin

This edition of AotW was a toss up. I wanted to write about the Orange Man, John Boehner and his refusal to attend the ceremony in Arizona honoring the victims of the shooting tragedy, but decided to go with the shrill harping publicity whore, Sarah Palin instead.
This pitiful excuse for a human being immediately went on the defensive when some people suggested that the hateful rhetoric she and her cohorts have been spouting may have helped drive the insane fucker over the line and went on the shooting spree.
She released a self serving video addressing the tragedy that says despite the 20 people who were shot, 6 killed and 14 wounded, she was the principal victim.
Click here and watch the stupid video if your stomach can handle it.
Palin, having to “endure” the discourse went on to invoke the term “Blood Libel”. To be honest, I had no idea what the fuck it meant at first.
Turns out it is a horrible lie Christians used to say about Jews. She is either ignorant on what it means or an anti-Semite. I figure it is a whole lot of the former with a touch of the latter.
This stupid asshole could have come out with a speech addressing the divided rhetoric and make a promise to tone it down on her side, mention the victims by name, and express regret on any part, if any, of her rhetoric that could have caused this crazy man to arm up and do what he did.
Her approval points would have probably sky rocketed.
Instead the dumb ass got snotty and defensive, played the poor persecuted victim of the “lamestream media” and invoked antisemitism. I bet she gets real unpopular fast.
Good for you Sarah. I was half joking about how I hoped you became the GOP nominee in 2012, but now I want you to just go away. Just go the fuck away.
Go back to Alaska and start shooting things. Maybe get an A.M. Hate radio talk show. Become Glenn Beck's co-host. Get someone to write another stupid ass book with your name on it.
You never had any credibility to begin with. Now you are no more than Glenn Beck with nice tits.
Fuck you Sarah. You asshole.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicken Crap

"I'm trying to catch my breath so I don't refer to this maneuver going on today as chicken crap, alright?" Boehner said, according to Politico. "But this is nonsense. Alright? The election was one month ago. We're 23 months from the next election and the political games have already started, trying to set up the next election. We had an honest conversation at the White House about the challenges that we face to get out of here and to take care of what the American people expect of us. And they roll this vote out today, it really is just what you think I was going to say anyway."

~John Boehner

This is what the new Speaker of the House had to say in December, when the lame duck Democratic controlled congress called for an up or down vote for an extension of Bush Era tax cuts which would have maintained the current rates for 98 percent of Americans, families earning under $250,000, while letting the rates of the top two percent return to their pre-Bush-era rates.

As a refresher, back in 2003, tax cuts were passed by the then Republican controlled congress.

These tax cuts affected tax rates as follows:

As you can see, a married couple earning up to $46,700.00 a year, except for the narrow range between $12K and $14K, got no tax relief at all, while those earning over $300,000 a year got a 3.6 percent tax cut. To illustrate, a couple earning $500,000.00 a year got to keep $18,000.00 more of that income in 2003 and in subsequent years since then.

Boehner's accusation back in December was that the Democrats, knowing that the measure was doomed from the start, were engaging in political theater and playing games.

Now that the Republicans have taken control of the house, repealing the health care reform law is the first thing on their agenda.

Flexing its newfound muscles, and ignoring their newly minted rules, the incoming GOP majority is preparing to vote next week, without hearings or a chance to make changes, to cancel Obama's signature health care law, engaging in the same maneuver they were so outraged about only four weeks ago.

It looks like John Boehner and the whole Republican wing of the new congress are knee deep in the chicken crap. What a bunch of self-serving hypocrites! Barely a month ago, they were outraged that the Democrats would call for an up or down vote on a measure to extend tax relief to all but the wealthiest Americans, and now they are doing the same song and dance to pander to their base, knowing that the Senate is still controlled by Democrats and if, by some miracle, a repeal made it past the Senate, the President is sure to veto it. A little quid pro quo theater to pacify their campaign contributors.

Who would a repeal of the health care law benefit? Wealthy Americans have health care plans, and money to pay co-pays and deductibles, and other items which insurance does not cover, This is another example of the poor and the middle getting shit on so that the upper crust can continue to live the American dream.

Why poor and middle class voters continue to be dragged down the garden path is a complete mystery to me. Not extending the Bush Era tax cuts to the top two percent would have gone a long way in knocking down some of the deficits which seem so troubling to conservatives. It seems that they much prefer to whittle away at social programs, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education and infrastructure than to saddle the wealthy with a 3.6 percent tax increase. I’ve been hearing that luxury goods made a strong come back this past Christmas season. I’m sure that is heartening news to the unemployed who are hoping like hell they don’t get sick because their insurance coverage left along with their jobs.

Chicken crap indeed.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Orange is the New Green.

The Republican Bastards led by the orange fucker John Boehner (R-Weeper) take control of the House of Representatives today.
The first thing they promised to do is introduce legislation to repeal Health Care Reform and have it ready to vote on by friday.
These are the same mother fuckers who cried and yelled that Democrats were rushing Health Care reform through even though they debated on it for two goddam years.
Now they want to push the repeal through in two fucking days.
We all know that it will not get anywhere in the Senate, and even if it did by some fluke, Obama would simply veto it.
While this is just typical Republican posturing, looking like they are doing something but in all reality not doing a fucking thing, we do have to worry about the fact these assholes now control the purse strings.
After the bluster is over with, depending how much the repukes feel that the people are on their side, they may try to cut funding on parts of HCR.
Obama would be powerless to stop them to, as it is the House who has that right.
Normally I wouldn't worry about them doing anything so fucktard stupid as to cut coverage to uninsured children and such, but with this bunch, you never know.
What a bunch of fuckers.
Hypocritical bastards actually get on their soap box and with a straight face use the deficit as a reason to repeal HCR.
This after adding nearly a trillion dollars to it by extending tax cuts to the wealthy.
The insanity is just now gearing up.
How long before the birth certificate investigations start?
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