Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of Course Jimmy Carter Is Right

Hey folks. Spacetrucker here with another grammatically challenged blog written with my cell phone out in the isolation of a NASA test range. Please don't send me snark about the bad spelling. I am aware of it. If you think you can do better writing with a cell phone, fucking prove it.

As you know former President Jimmy Carter kicked some right-wingers in the shin the other day when he said that Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst at President Obama during the address to the joint congress was racially motivated.
Being from the south, Carter explained, he could recognize such fucktardary.
So far, I too, have lived my whole life in the deep south and I can say with confidence that Carter hit the nail on the fucking head.
There are people in the south who are the sweetest, coolest, and most polite folks you have ever seen in your whole goddam life. But you bring up Obama they start seething.
I know it's true, any other person living in the south knows it is true, and the fucking Republicans know it is true. The thing to debate is why the fuck they won't admit it.
A southern bigot is different than a yankee bigot.
Yankee bigots are usually like Archie Bunker. Usually a Christian, the yankee bigot simply doesn't like minorities because of the differences that most minorities have culturally.
Music, dress, holidays; these usually chap the old white yankee bastards ass when he is exposed to it. They believe whole-heartedly everyone should worship, follow the same sports, have the same holidays, ect. as they do.
The southern bigot believes the same way as all of the things listed above, but there is another driving factor thay really really gets the hate going: their grandaddies getting their asses handed to them in the Civil War. Or the War of Northern Aggression if you will.
Unlike the yankee "Archie Bunker" type of asshole, the southern fucktard usually is a nice person to be with. As long as you can keep politics and religion out of the conversation that is.
The election of Obama really hit the button on these people. I see it every day and looking at Joe Wilson, I can see it in him.
As a protégé of the late (and hopefully burning in hell) cocksucker Strom Thrumand, Joe Wilson embodies the racisim that is still the shame of the south.
You can tell by just looking at Wilson he is the type who can not just sit quietly and be lectured to by a "nigger". And he fucking proved it.
His subsequent non apology followed by the Republicans saying he was provoked by Obama more than proves this.
While most of the Repugs have learned to keep the "N" word in check while in public, behind closed doors, especially with a few beers or cocktails in their bellies, the truth comes out.
I hear it all the time. I see it all the time.
Jimmy Carter has seen it, and I imagine he still sees it.
To be jumping on Carters ass for pointing it out is disingenuous and dishonest, especially if you are some kind of yankee fucktard like Hannity or Limbaugh.
For the Republicans out there who claim they are not racists: How does it feel to know that ALL the racists are on your side politically?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank Jeebus for Hydrocodone Cough Syrup

Hey folks. Spacetrucker here. Man, I have been fighting this fucking cold for over a week now.
I finally broke down and went to the doc-in-a-box the other day. When the quack finally came into the examining room, he stood as about as far away from me as he could as he asked me questions. It appeared to me that it broke his fucking heart to actually have to come up and touch me with his stethoscope.
He said my lungs were clear (which makes no sense to me as every time I take a deep or rapid breath I go into a coughing seizure and I can feel them rattle) and that I had just a viral infection that is going around.
Kinda disappointed me because if I am gonna have to be this fucking sick, I want it to be exotic.
It is after midnight on a Monday morning and I have to go to work in a few minutes. Of course I am wide fucking awake. I was out sick most of last week so, work will probably be a fucking bitch to get caught up on.
Anyway, it appears that I managed to escape Sarah Palins Death Panel this time and am able to fool them into think that I am, in fact, a contributing member of society.
Surfing around the Internets in my viral induced delirium I came across this video, I think it may be from Alan Colmes, but I am not sure.
It is some lovely pictures from Americas leading constitutional scholars during their visit to D.C. this past weekend.
Enjoy it. I am sure it will make your heart swell with pride as mine did when I first experienced it.
Hope to get on a regular posting schedule very soon.
Spacetrucker... Out

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson and the Fucktard Movement in America

Hey folks. I guess most of you know by now about the fucktard congressman from South Carolina who yelled out at President Obama during the speech to the joint congress.
Joe Wilson is the assholes name. Not to be confused with the spouse of the CIA agent outed by the fucker Robert Novak.
This is what Republicans and social conservatives have been reduced to. Sorry, loud mouth sacks of shit. Embarrassing, repulsive on every level.
This should not come as a shock to anyone. You know that he is not the only racist son of a bitch in congress that can't stand the thought of being lectured to by a nigger.
The fuckers hatred and fear is so strong that any empathy or decency, if he ever had any, was burned away long ago.
Sitting there listening to Obama chapped his ass so bad he could not restrain himself. It is a wonder he didn't call him a nigger or something.
As usual, I am very clumsy and crude when addressing matters such as this, so I will let someone say it better than I ever could.
Spread the video far and wide

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obamas Sliding Approval Ratings

Happy Hump Day Folks.
I imagine most of you have been reading or have heard about the President's ratings slide. I think he is supposed to be down to around 50% as I blog this.
To start with, his approval ratings were so high when he took office, that he had no where to go but down.
I probably know as much about political polling and analysis as The Bush Bastard did about Shias and Sunnis so I am probably wrong on everything I am writing here. Won't be the first fucking time, damn sure won't be the last.
That being said, lets try to apply some logic to it.
There is an unwavering 28-30% of the population that will never accept a liberal or a black man as president, even if he were to invent cold fusion and cure cancer.
So with the fucktard factor accounted for, the very best Obama could ever hope to get is about 70%.
Then we must take in the 30% or so "swing" voters. These are idiots who have no idea who they are going to vote for up until the day they step into the voting booth.
Much time and money is spent by both parties wooing these morons. Needless to say anyone so apathetic and clueless as to not keep up with shit except for what ads are saying will not keep a positive view. Let's say Obama won about 20% of the moron vote. With the non stop saturation in the media of Obama being a Commie, Nazi, Muslim, Socialist, Satanist it is no surprise that he will lose at least half of this bloc of clueless idiots.
What does that bring him down to? With the automatic 30% and half of the clueless swing voters that he carried being about 10% that gets him down to a still respectable 60% + or -.
Now we come to the nut jobs on our side of the aisle. Yes we have them too, they just ain't as dangerous as the ones on the fucktard side.
They are pissed that Obama ain't outlawed meat and completely dismantled the military and other nonsense, so their approvals vaporized.
We are now down to around 50%. That is us, those who try to keep up with what is going on despite the distorted bullshit coming from our news media.
Obama has lost ground here too. Even some of us on the side of logic, decency, and common sense are getting antsy with the Presidents pussy footing around.
I am sure he is much smarter than I am, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's just playing "Rope-A-Dope" with the Repugnant bastards.
But, he has to know that he can NEVER work with these Republicans. Never. Never. Never.
They would rather the country go down in flames than see Obama succeed on anything.
So fuck them. We do not need them. All we need is 51 votes in the senate. We have that easy.
I hope Obama doesn't make the same mistake the Big Dawg made. Clinton enjoyed a Dem controlled House and Senate too, for his first two years. He folded under pressure and the Dems lost control on both houses.
Obama needs to get out there and fucking fight for what we put him in there for. Folding for the asshole Republicans can NOT be an option.
If he capitulates to the bastards, he will see his polls fall to the levels of the Bush Bastard. Which were at that 30% fucktard level mentioned above.
If he gets out there and fights, shows some spine, and manages to whip his party into gear we will see his polls climb to 60% or above easily.
Not rocket science. Not even polling science. Just observations from an old man looking out his fucking window.
SpaceTrucker.... out
Note: SpaceTrucker polling analysis are guaranteed to be within plus or minus of 80 percentage points. :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Face of Religious Insanity

Hey folks, Spacetrucker here.
-=sigh=- there is no amount of words that my feeble mind can put out to describe the silliness and ignorance of the religiously insane as this video shows.
Poor poor misguided fucktards. Jeebus on a stick.
Watch it and see the face of mob insanity.