Friday, April 27, 2012

The Fallacy of the False Equivalency

Distinctions drawn by the mind are not necessarily equivalent to distinctions in reality. Thomas Aquinas
You hear it all the time: "There is no difference between the parties". "Both parties are crooked". Blah, blah, fucking blah.
This mentality isn't something that accidentally came into being. No fucking way. It is a planned strategy by the Republican Party to create voter apathy and to either reduce voter turnout or send otherwise Democratic voting citizens to a third party.
I find it extremely disturbing that otherwise intelligent individuals are spouting this horseshit.
Take the whole Ron Paul thing for example. Here is a person who is running for president on the Republican ticket and has about a much chance of winning as I do.
Paul has managed to capture the attention of many people by promising to end the Forever Wars, legalizing pot, eliminating the Fed, (or anything federal other than the Pentagon) and hosts of other libertarian issues, some as looney as a Warner Bros. cartoon, some valid.
I know some very intelligent and progressive people who voted for Obama and are now upset because they didn't get a pony or something and now are going to throw their vote away by writing in for Ron Paul because in their minds, Obama is no different than Romney.
Don't get me wrong, President Obama has disappointed me greatly on many things, but to jump to the conclusion that he is do different than Romney is absurd beyond words.
While Obama has been less than satisfactory on labor issues, Romney has made it abundantly clear that he hates unions, enjoys firing people, and believes that corporations are people. Can you seriously say this is no different than Obama?
Romney has made his wealth (other than what he was born into) by taking over American manufacturing plants, closing them down and moving the work to China.
He would be an terrifying disaster to the working class of America. Maybe even on par with the Bastard Regan and the Idiot Bush. Maybe even worse.
Think of the Supreme Court justices this man would nominate. Do you honestly think that their would be no differences between those nominees?
During the 2000 campaign, Karl Rove pushed the "no difference" bullshit.
Look what happened. A significant portion of the American people actually didn't think their was any difference between the most liberal D.C. politician in years and a Texas fucktard that was so conservative, he made Regan look leftist.
How did that turn out for us?
Stop this false equivalency bullshit.
It is easy to call them on it. Very easy.
When they start their "I'm voting for Ron Paul, because their is no difference in the partys anymore" nonsense, ask them if so, why is Ron Paul a fucking Republican then?
Hell, at least when that shit was being pulled in 2000, Ralph Nader was a member of the Green Party.
Ask them, how come this shit ALWAYS favors the Republicans? All things being equal, the Democrats should get a bone occasionally, don't you think?
Lets face the fucking facts;
In January of 2013, it will either be Mitt Romney or Barrak Obama being sworn in as president. No Ron Pauls, no Ralph Naders, no magical unicorns. Get over your hurt feelings and vote to keep the corporate bastards out, or at least put the brakes on them.
Obama may not have given you your pony, but that is nothing compared to the horse dick size fucking your ass will get if Magic Underpants gets the job.
Think about it.