Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Airing of Grievances (but seriously folks, Concerning Domestic Abuse)

So here it is again, that wonderful season of Festivus (for the rest of us) and with it, the age old ritual of the airing of grievances. I could use this opportunity to voice my concerns about people driving badly, riding my bumper when I’m in traffic, driving up the lane that clearly ends ahead to jump out on front of me when I moved over several minutes ago, or just people being assholes in general. We all know there are plenty out there. However, I have another topic that has been on my mind, a serious topic, which I’ve been thinking about the last few days with the advent of a friend request I received on Facebook last week.

I want to talk a bit about domestic abuse. I think it is important for people to talk about this topic and to discuss this issue with your sons and daughters, both for the reasons that they do not becomes victims and that they do not become abusers.

When I was 14 years old until I was 17, I was in a relationship with a boy from school. As I think most kids were at that age and during that period of time (40 years ago) I was dumb. I had never been given any information about domestic abuse and what was appropriate and not in relationships between boys and girls. I don’t blame my parents for this, I just think it was a different time, and perhaps they didn’t know what was happening to me either. I may not have talked about it and have recently been told by a close friend that she wasn’t aware of what was going on either.

The abuse was not physical, except for two incidences that come to mind, once he tried to put me into a car against my will and one slap. What happened to me was abuse, however. When you are told that you can’t wear shirts or shorts because other boys will look at your legs, and the density of your clothing’s fabric is scrutinized, that’s abuse. When you are not “allowed” to speak to other people, that’s abuse. When you are not allowed to engage in activities that are meaningful and important to you because you might have interactions with others that threaten the other person’s security in the relationship, that’s abuse. When you have to escape your home and stay with relatives for two weeks to escape incessant phone calls and pleading, when you finally have the courage to break off the relationship, that’s abuse.

Thankfully, my experience happened early and I was not involved to the extent of marrying or heaven forbid, having children with this person, so I could escape mostly unscathed. In fact, perhaps I should thank my abuser.

Thank you abuser for helping me to develop my determination which has served me well.

Thank you abuser for introducing me to the particular character traits of an abuser at a young age, so that I could recognize and avoid those later in my life when that kind of relationship might have been more damaging.

Thank you for helping me develop my skepticism, sarcasm and survival mentality.

I’m sure there are others, but I think this gets the point across.

Now, 40 years later, there is more education and discussion on this point, however, I am sure that there are still abusers and the abused, controlling and the controlled, the ones demeaning and the ones being demeaned. The abusers take no responsibility because in their eyes, they’ve done nothing wrong. This attitude has to change because if it doesn’t, we will continue to raise generation after generation of men and women who abuse and generations of men and women for whom abuse is normal.

As to my abuser, if you are reading this, perhaps over the years you have changed. I hope so.

Until later,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Preposterous Cuckoos and Unhinged Dumbassery Part One

Greetings fellow travelers. It has been awhile since I've written anything and I got a bunch of shit bottled up in my poor old noggin that I need to spew out before it explodes like a scene from a Cronenberg movie.
This is the first in a multi part series about silly ass conspiracy theories, Obama haters, and Tea Party whackos. Yeah I know I have several multi part series that only got as far as the first segment. Fuck you.
Their are many conspiracies floating around. From Obama to chemtrails, aliens to the Illuminati. So don your foil fedora and let's delve into world of the batshit crazy.
In this day of information at ones fingertips, ignorance is a choice. All one has to do is pick up their goddam cell phone tap the little Google microphone and ask it a fucking question. But if you are of the Tea Party ilk, Google is part of the conspiracy and they had rather remain ignorant or mislead. Short of electroshock therapy, there is nothing that can be done about these people but to point and laugh. And goddam it has been funny lately.
I'm so old, I can remember when the crazy people were pretty much confined to the street corners with their fucking cardboard signs proclaiming that the end was near.
But now, because of Al Gore inventing the fucking Internet, the crazies have gone main stream. The same goddam Internet they think is part of the conspiracy, no less. Thanks Obama.
Couple that with how the bastard Reagan made it popular to hate poor people (even other poor people hate poor people) the rise of AM hate radio and the cocksuckers like Limbaugh and his clones commanding their sheep, Fox “News” with intellectual evolutionary throwbacks like Hannity and O'Rielly, the lunatics now have a commanding voice in society.
These people manage to get elected. This happens because they appeal to the very fucking stupid, the racists, the misogynists, the bigots... you know the southerners.
Corporations found out that they can tap into this and put their puppets into place; just get out there and blame every fucking thing on immigrants and anchor babies, queers and single mothers, the French and abortionists, flag burners and ACORN, welfare queens and government regulations, and the idiots will crawl over broken glass to get to the polls to vote for them.
Let's talk about their hatred for Obama.
Apparently among many things he is supposed to be either a socialist, a commie, or a fascist. Depending on who is saying it, he is sometimes supposed to be all three at once.
The stock market is at an all time high. Corporate profits and CEO salaries are in the fucking stratosphere. Workers rights and wages are at an all time low. If he is a socialist or a commie, he is the worst one ever.
Their are hundreds, if not thousands, of anti government websites and publications out there criticizing Obama and calling him all kinds of seditious names. As a fascist dictator that allows them to get away with it, he is the worst fascist dictator ever.
Also he is supposed to be a Muslim. He is pro womens rights, eats bacon, drinks beer, and lets his daughters and wife go outside with their faces uncovered. Worse Muslim ever.
He was born in Kenya, his birth certificate is fake, and he somehow managed to time travel back to early 1960s Hawaii and put his birth announcement in two different newspapers there. To bad he didn't think of giving himself a less radical sounding name when he was busy altering the timeline.
Now he is planning on invading Texas.
No shit. Invading fucking Texas. The stupid on this conspiracy theory burns the skin when it touches it so please be careful handling it.
Keep in mind that this isn't just a handful of nutjobs saying this. The goddamn governor of Texas put the state national guard on alert, apparently to ward off Obama and his army or drones or Klingon shock troops or whatever-the-fuck he plans to invade with.
Just use the Illuminati controlled Google and type in “Jade Helm” for the full story.
In the future, look for Obama to outlaw meat as soon as he confiscates all the guns, force everyone to be a vegetarian and to get gay married, and to get a barcode tattoo printed on your hand or forehead for easier government identification.
This will all probably happen in his third term.

Stay tuned for the next segment. I haven't decided which topic to cover yet. Perhaps Planned Parenthood and its Nazi ties or chemtrails. We'll see.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Westboro Mingle

Where love comes to hate all the same things.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Happened to Ning Li and Her Anti-Gravity Research?

I remember reading this article in Popular Mechanics when it came out in 1999. Not long after, I ran into Dr. Campbell. (the guy on the left with his NASA badge tucked in his pocket) and asked him about the project. He seemed to be optimistic about its chances at success.
That was over a decade ago. Now, the head scientist, Dr. Ning Li, (lady in the middle) has apparently disappeared a few years ago, and Larry Smalley (the guy on the right), the former chairman of the University of Alabama at Huntsville physics department has apparently died.
This project they were working on was nothing less than Earth shattering. This device, if the claims of the scientists are to be believed, could possibly have led to sci-fi types of things like force fields, tractor beams and artificial gravity.
What happened? Where did the research go? What happened to Ning Li? 
Google searching brings up tin foil hat type of conspiracies among other accusations that this is nothing but "Fringe Science" or "Pseudo Science",
Possibly is, but these are verifiable and respectable scientists. NASA did research. Ning Li did start a company up called AC Gravity and obtained a grant from the DOD to pursue research.
I would like to know what happened... did it turn out to be nothing? Did Ning Li run off with the grant money? Apparently she is from a very wealthy family of respectable scientists, so I don't readily buy that theory.

Anyone else familiar with this? This happened right here in Huntsville Alabama.

At this Zoominfo link, I found this:
May, 2003: Dr. Ning Li sends a private email to colleagues claiming to have experimentally verified a large-scale AC-Gravity measuring "11-kilowatts of output effect", and abruptly disappears from public view. (this is her last known public communication)

While utilizing my cyber search Kung Fu, I was able to find this document which is apparently an email between Timothy Ventura and Eugene Podkletnov. 

From: Ventura, Timothy []
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 3:37 PM
Subject: FW: Tracking Down Dr. Ning Li

-----Original Message-----
From: Eugene Podkletnov []
Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 12:34 PM
Subject: RE: Tracking Down Dr. Ning Li

Dear Tim,

All I can tell you is that Ning is all right, she is working for DOD and

therefore is not permitted to discuss her work openly. I do not know her

working email address, she phoned me couple of times this year and we
some brief exchange of opinions on superconductors and their structure.
I know that her parents, brother and husband all live in the USA, they
doctors and rather rich.
Ning still has an apartment in Huntsville but I do not know where her
lab is
situated now.
DOD is a serious organisation and I frankly have no idea how to get the
address. Still, Ning Li was present at the conference on gravity waves
organised by MITRE, they should have her address.

The idea of gravity shielding seems to attract people from China, a
theoretical article was published by Ning Wu, as discussed at Greenglow.

Later, if you want this topic at your site, we can talk on the phone or
exchange information by email when it is convenient.

Best wishes             Eugene

>Dear Eugene:
>Every 2 months, I re-try the email address that you
>gave me for Dr. Ning Li -- I can tell from return-receipts that
>somebody is reading her email, but I never get a reply. I don't have
>any additional information about her, such as a telephone number, so I
>am unable to try and get in touch with her any other way.
>I did a trace on a message and it appears that whomever is reading her
>emails is checking them via a web-interface off a proxy-server from
>West Point, GA.
>Over the last few days I have talked to magazine-writers, University
>Professors, and her research colleagues -- I'm unable to get in touch
>with anyone who knows where she's at. Marc Millis doesn't have any
>information about her, but Jonathan Campbell recalls hearing a vague
>rumor that she was ill last year.
>What I do have is a detailed document stating that nearly $500,000 was
>allocated to her by the Department of Defense for researching
>'AC-Gravity' effects in superconductors. This funding should have
>become effective Sept 2002.
>I'd like to include information about her in a piece that I'm planning
>on the 'Podkletnov Device' and your research into SC Gravitational
>Shielding -- the overall idea being that I haven't covered this topic
>in-depth yet, and I really ought to try and put as detailed a
>description online as possible.
>Any thoughts on which direction I should take this?
>Also, I'd be interested in doing an interview with you for the website
>in the near future, if and when you have available time.
>Tim Ventura

So, if that email is for real, she has been seen as of 2004.
This may be nothing, but shit like this is what makes people go out and buy rolls of tin foil for uses ofher than cooking.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Darwin Award Recipient

My day job requires me to do this very same type of work for 4 of the 8 hours of the work day.
I can not imagine how anyone can be this stupid.
The operator pulls out a cigarette lighter from his pocket for illumination of the inside of the tank, evidently to see how much fuel is inside.
I hope you don't try this at home, but if you do... make sure it is on video so we all can laugh at your dumbass.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Can Go Fuck Itself

2012 was a fucked up year.
We witnessed the most brain dead presidential campaign ever. The Republican primary was a clown show of idiocy that was of jaw dropping magnitude. The winner of that goat fucking was Mitt Romney. A Thurston Howell clone, he managed to put a face on how out of touch the uber rich are with normal people.
A child molester managed to forever tarnish a great college football legacy and coach at Penn State.
A horrible super storm named Sandy devastated the east coast.
We found out that the Mayans can't predict the end of the world any better than the fucking Christians can.
Evidently, Lance Armstrong turned out to be a goddam doping cheater after all.
Despite America putting a self contained robotic mobile laboratory on Mars utilizing a never before seen rocket powered hover crane on its last leg of the interplanetary journey, our country is still riddled with anti science imbeciles. Many of which sit in congress. And on the science and technology committee no less.
There was a horrible shooting at an elementary school. A tragedy which sent gun sales and stocks soaring.
Before that, we had an idiot seeking his 15 minutes by shooting a bunch of people at a goddam premier of a fucking Batman movie.
Before that, a kid was killed by a self appointed neighborhood watch commander.
Yeah. 2012 was a fucked up year. Even the good stuff got overshadowed.
Fuck you 2012. Rot in Hell, you bitch.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Edward Current Reacts To Atheist Comments

Good Ol' Eddy, puts the non believers in their place. And only using the Bible and an Old Testament era laptop.