Thursday, July 29, 2010

The times they are a-changing

I know I've talked a bit about the slavery system our prisons have become. Now I've started an petition to close the loophole in the thirteenth amendment that has for too long allowed this to go on.
Please watch the video and then go sign.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fox, Fucktards, and Funnies

As we watch as Fox "News" yet again gets busted for journalistic
inepitude, those of us who haven't yet drank of Murdocks Kool-Aid
can't help but wonder how much longer will this joke of a network be
taken seriously?
What really gets my goat is, not only southern fucktards are being
hoodwinked by this organ of the Republican Party, but evidenty so is
the Obama administration.
How many times will they fire or force a resignation from one of there
own, simply because an idiot like Beck Hannity, or Brietbart, who has
absoultely no credibility with thinking people, distorts or out right
lies about an Obama underling?
Fox "News" serves two purposes. First is to make sure that the
corporate interests are protected. Second is to boost ratings among
the Christoids and Fucktards living in the Red States by appealing to
the lowest common denominator.
The rubes in the backwoods of Alabama, Tennessee, ect eat that
bullshit up like a starving hobo on a plate of gravy and biscuits.
Fox "News" has gotten very clever with their subtle messaging.
While standing in a TSA screening line this morning at Huntsville
Airport, a blathering cock sucker on their so called "Morning News"
was throwing code words out like " liberal" to his monkey audience.
While most thinking people never would consider "liberal" a dirty
word, the Fox audience does.
Thanks to the Bastard Regan, the fucker Gingrich, AM Hate Radio, and
of course Fox, no politician can ever apply the "L" word to himself.
So the Fox asshole trying to act all professional and independant,
just covering the news, managed to throw the liberal word in a dozen
times in a fucking minute.
This is what Fox does. They are not there to inform people. They are
there to spread lies about people they don't like.
How can anyone believe these clowns? It is simple.
The Fox bosses know their audience. And they know that if anyone can
believe that the human race exists in part because of a talking
snake... The will believe any fucking thing.