Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you George W. Bush

Little George did manage to do something right (albeit unintentionally) in his stumbling 8 years as leader of the free world.
While I am glad to see people coming to their senses and rejecting the party of fascists, I think the cost was very fucking high.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Darkside of the Moon

In keeping his promise to reverse the disastrous anti-science policies of the Bush administration, President Obama offered an EXTRA billion and a half dollars for lunar missions.
While the return to the moon mandate originated under President George W. Bush (R-Halfwit fucktard) very little support was offered by the superstitious religiously insane administration.
Lets hope Obama keeps lurching America back towards science, reason, and logic as well as compassion and civility.
Obama offers extra $1.4B for lunar missions

Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shelby the Cock Sucker Part 2

Richard Shelby (R-Cum Gargler Extraordinaire) attempted to clarify his Obama statement about Obama not being an American citizen.
He claimed the paper quoted him out of context and then this:
"At the town hall meeting in Cullman, Sen. Shelby laid out the Constitutional qualifications for the Presidency and said that, while he hasn't personally seen the Uppity Niggers birth certificate, he is confident that the matter has been thoroughly examined," Shelby's spokesman said in a written statement.
The local fish wrap that covered the story stood by its reporting. Calling Shelby a liar, they asked any local citizens to come forward if they have a recording of the event.
While hopes for such evidence is doubtful as most of the people at the event seemed to be more fascinated with picking boogers and ear wax out of their orifices than operating new fangled tape recorders, the possibility always exists.
At this time it is not clear if the leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, has read and approved the clarifications put out by the Senators office.

As usual, the fucking lying, bastard will try to weasel out of what he said. The shit head probably didn’t think it would make national news, after all it was just a town hall meeting with some local rubes.

Here is an idea:
This is a copy of Obamas birth certificate.

Why don’t we print it and fax it to Shelbys office so we can make sure he has seen it. Maybe we should add a thank you note for him laying out the Constitutional qualifications for being president, as I am sure no one would know without his elucidation.

Here is Huntsville office fax number:
(256) 772-8387

(205) 731-1386

(205) 759-5067

(334) 223-7317

(251) 694-4166

Remember be polite. Leave the rudeness here on the blog!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alabama Governor: Right Wing Jizz Belcher

Bob Reilly (R-Fucktard) took his mouth off of Rush Limbaughs cock long enough to make the statement that Alabama would not be taking any money from that uppity nigger in the White House.
“Fuck the unemployed”, he said. “I know I speak for all Alabamians that we had rather let the lazy bastards starve before taking one cent from any Muslim terrorist. Ain’t that right Rush?”
The mutated pig man answered by grabbing The Honorable Governor by his hair and shoving his head back down on his flabby smelly cock,
After humping the bastards mouth another three minutes, Americas Doctor of Democracy let out a swine like squeal and blew his pig seed in the Republican Leaders mouth.
“Talent on loan from GAWWD!” he groaned as he pushed Reilly away from him.

Reilly stood up doing his best to wipe the hog cum off of his chin. "As I was saying, there are to many strings attached to this money. I don’t like strings, except for the strings of el Rusbos semen when it is dripping off my chin. We will send a message that Alabama is even stupider than people think. We will let our people starve on the streets before taking one red cent from our Commie government!”

A grunt from the porker behind him and Bob cut it short. “Excuse me”, he said salivating, “It is time for Mr. Limbaughs rimjob.”

Click here for the true SAD events.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shelby the Cock Sucker

Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd. Bertrand Russell

Well, Alabama Senator Shelby has once again brought national attention to our fair state. Was it one the few rare things that Alabamians can be proud of? Perhaps something along the line that our state is the one that built the spacecraft that successfully took men to a celestial body and back? The only place in the whole fucking world that can make that claim?

Alas no. In true repugnant Republican tradition, he played the racist fear card. Stoking up the retarded country crackers over fucking bullshit.

The Cullman Times, the uninformative fish wrap in the heart of Cullman County has an article with the bastard stoking the honkies up against Obamas Stimulus Bill at the All Steak Restaurant. A greasy spoon known more for its red necks than the red meat it regularly over cooks in its kitchen.

The birdcage liner reports that a local rube asked him if there is any truth to the right wing horseshit rumor that Obama may not be an American citizen.

Being the apt politician that he is, Shelby jumped at the chance to stoke the flames of fear.

Instead of smacking the stupid asshole on the back of the head for wasting time asking such stupid shit, he said this:
“Well his father was Kenyan and they said he was born in Hawaii, but I haven’t seen any birth certificate,” Shelby said. “You have to be born in America to be president.”
In typical right wing fucktard tradition, Shelby was quick to point out to the crackers that Obama dad was born in Kenya, but left out the part that his mother was born in Kansas, about as American as someone can be.
He also saw fit to elucidate that you have to be born in America to be president and that he hasn’t seen his birth certificate.

What a sorry piece of shit. Shelby is not stupid. He knows perfectly well that Obama is an American born in Hawaii and the birth certificate has been produced and verified, but saying that would not stoke up the children of the KKK into a fear frenzy.

Keeping the dimbulbs in an unending fear of niggers, he keeps them from thinking clearly about their own economic woes. If for some reason the sheep lose their fear, they may start thinking clearly, and he can’t have that. Good grief, they may start thinking that feeding their families, paying bills, and having a livable wage is more important than hating niggers! If they do that, they may vote Democrat the next election. Shelby has to take care of his true base: the millionaires. God forbid they lose their tax cuts!

Back in the 90s, I was so furious when the bastard turned traitor right after we re-elected him to the Senate as a Democrat.
His joining the Repugs verified that he only pretended to be for the working class. I am glad he left.

Don’t try to come back to us either, Shelby, you cock sucker. Fuck you and fuck all that you stand for.

Friday, February 20, 2009

About This Blog

I am writing a book, hopefully humorous and informative about certain aspects and observations on society. Scathing (but good-natured tongue in cheek satire) attacks on Yankees, Republicans, Christoids, Social Conservatives as well as politically correct Liberals, Vegetarians, Tree Huggers and the like.
It will be jam packed with all kind of cuss words as well as some informative subjects that might cause you to learn something.
I will be using this blog more or less as a sounding board to post rants and articles that may later be used in my book or to simply get my mind on the matter at hand.
I have found that the more I write the more I WANT to write. Blogging is as easy and it sets up the mind to write and overcome mental stagnation. God knows I have enough of that shit as it is.
Comments are of course welcome and encouraged. After all, this isn't A.M. radio. I want to hear people that disagree with me as much as I want to hear from like minded gentle souls.
I will probably experiment with embedding video and audio, since Blogger allows that. Obviously that will not be incorporated in the book, however.
If you are the type of person that is easily offended, you may want to stay away, as I will probably will offend you. Stuffy, Holier Than Thou people are welcome at their own peril.

Fairness Doctrine and Victimization

In a moment of self flagellation, I turned the radio to every ones favorite right wing piece of shit, Rush Limbaugh.

He was blathering about the Fairness Doctrine and how liberals and politicians, particularly the Obama administration were trying to shut him and his fellow Nazi gas bags off the air. The fact that Obama has said he is not for re-instituting it is beside the point to this Darwin throw back.
One of the tenants of the social conservative is, you have to be a victim. Thus the blithering mouth piece of the Republican Party whined about how the very fabric of space time was coming unwound by the commies and libs in America.
First, what is the Fairness Doctrine?
Wikipedia defines it as this:

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was (in the Commission's view) honest, equitable and balanced.[citation needed]

The Fairness Doctrine should not be confused with the Equal Time rule. The Fairness Doctrine deals with matters of public importance, while the Equal Time rule deals only with political candidates.

The United States Supreme Court upheld the Commission's general right to enforce the Fairness Doctrine where channels were limited, but the courts have not, in general, ruled that the FCC is obliged to do so.[1] In 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine, prompting some to urge its reintroduction through either Commission policy or Congressional legislation.[2

Basically all it is saying is; that while using the airwaves, opposing viewpoints of controversial and polarizing subject matters will be giving time to express their side of the story. Given that people for some reason have a habit of believing any bullshit they hear on the radio or TV, it can seem to be a good idea.

You can understand how Right-Wing Fucktards like Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, and the rest of the Goosestepping crowd would be opposed. If someone were allowed to come on after Limbaugh and correct the lies that the bastard had been spewing for three fucking hours, he would probably lose a lot of credence with his Ditto Sheep.

For instance, just the other day the Porker espoused that the Obama administration released the documents on the Stimulus Bill in a PDF format. The reason, he said, was that way noone could conduct a search. That the PDF is basically a photograph of the document and a search feature was impossible.

Any person with even a fucking half ass understanding of how a computer works knows this to be bullshit. Hell, most kids in junior high do. With the Fairness Doctrine, an opposing view point would be allowed to come on and correct the misinformation. Whether Limbaugh is plain out lying or is as stupid as a stump is not the question. It would be just simply correcting an error.

Actually, I personally am opposed to re-instituting the F.D. It will just give more ammunition to the whiny ass titty babies that they are being victimized by Liberals, Jews, Niggers, Commies, or whatever fucktard slur they can come up with. I say let the bastards bloviate all their hate speech on the A.M. radio. Only the very stupid people in society believe it anyway, and there is absolutely no way in hell you can reason with the dumbasses.

Fuckwits like Limbaugh and his fans will always be with us, so why not give them something to occupy their time?