Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fuck You Mitch McConnell

Mitch “The Bitch” McConnell in a rare moment of honesty announced, "The single most important thing we want to achieve (if they win congress November 2nd) is for President Obama to be a one-term president."
No one should be surprised that this is the goal of the right-wing fuckers. I never believed for a moment that Republicans have ever had the nations best interest in mind and I'm just a stupid country boy from North Alabama. So how come these college educated politicians were fooled?
From the outset, the Republican cock suckers have only obstructed any thing that Obama has tried, or even hinted at, doing. If I'm wrong, post something in the comment section below proving that they worked with Obama and the Democrats on an issue of substance. Make me eat my words. I won't hold my breath.
If they manage to win back congress, look for non stop investigations, probable impeachment hearings, and lies and distortions that will make the witch hunt on the Clintons look like an afternoon in the park.
Hopefully this will be a wake up call for Obama to finally stop trying to work with these bastards.
What the fuck did he really think? That racist social conservatives can be reasoned with? He would have more luck reasoning with a goddam copperhead.
There is not one iota of redeeming quality in the current Republican Party. Their only agenda is to stay in office at any cost, give the treasury to the millionaires and billionaires, destroy the social safety net as we know it, wave the fucking confederate flag at Teabagger rallies, tell nigger jokes behind closed doors and cornhole their pages.
Fuck you Mitch McConnell. It is people like you that makes me wish their really was a Hell. Fuck you and fuck your right-wing colleagues.
We got news for you, Fucker. We ain't gonna let you take the country back. We are gonna move it forward, even if it means dragging racist, obstructionist assholes like you kicking and screaming with it.


  1. How hard it must be for that poor turtle to go through life looking like Mitch McConnell.

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  3. It's funny how the conservative 'publicans lay blame for their mistakes and take credit for this administration's hard won successes.

  4. I had to choose anonymous, but if anyone wants to know who i am just ask me.....i like this site.....i wish mcconnel was dead. he has never worked a single honest day in his life. fuck the entire state of kentucky. it used to be that you had to a queer to live there, now you have to be stupid too...mcconnel is both. a queer and a pussy and so is that new congressman.....kentucky coould catch on fire and spread all the way thru ohio and i would not give a shit.......goddamn dirtbags are trying to destroy the country

    1. No need to use vulgar slurs pertaining to gender and sexuality to describe Republican trash. There are enough other strong sentiments to choose.

  5. I agree that Mitch McConnell is a worthless piece of shit that needs to flushed straight to hell.

    But, please stop insulting animals by comparing them to evil bastard Republicans. Animals have much more intelligence, honesty, and dignity than these losers.

  6. Fuck u democrat slime bags that want to take my money out of my paycheck to give to sombody else.

  7. Fuck you mitch and fuck coal.

  8. I don’t agree with the profanity expressed in this blog. But I will say that if Mitch McConnell loses in Kentucky, it would be poetic justice and prove that God truly has a sense of humor. Mitch McConnell, stated that he wanted to make President Obama a one term President. If he loses, this election will make Mitch McConnell a “no-more-term” Senator.

  9. Fox News is is responsible for the current nonstop misinformation campaign that allows Republicans like Mitch the Bitch to continue to ruin this country. Nothing better for the1% than to dumb down to population

  10. Upon hearing NPR's recent piece on "Mitch McConnell 's Mission: Making The Senate Work Again" (All Things Considered, 11/12/2014) I googled the only sentiment I, or any other decent human being could muster: FUCK YOU McConnell YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!