Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exclusive! Where Swine Flu Started

Terrible parenting obviously

Obama Was Elected & Swine Flew

There is a racist joke going around via text message.
They said a n*****r would be elected president when pigs flew. Well, 100 days since Obama has been elected and Swine Flu.
Yeah. Hardy fucking har.
But on a note about swine flu, the mayors in Huntsville and Madison Al., went full force fucktard on the report of two "suspected" cases of the influenza virus at an elementary school in Madison Al.
They held a press conference the same fucking time as President Obama held his so nobody saw it.
They closed the school for seven days and all the other schools in the Huntsville and Madison Country system for two days. In their zeal of germ-a-phobia they decided to close all the city parks down too.
Nobody panics like they do in the Huntsville area. A threat of a snow dusting and they hole up like they are going to be snowed in for weeks. Y2K was a hoot too.
Perhaps we should change the name of the greater Huntsville area to Monkville after Adrian Monk.
It would be fitting.

The Role of the G.O.P.

Watching the fucktard party melt down I, like most free thinkers, can't help but snicker with glee.
Squirming uncomfortably as Rush Limbaugh blathers his hate speech, and they dare not refute him, the less insane members quietly yet vigorously try to come up with a way to stay relevant.
Hitching their wagon to the religiously insane and the racists won them elections for a brief time, but all the things those fucktards were for are now irrelevant to Americans.
Despite the desperate lies of Fox "News" and A.M. hate radio, we as a people no longer hate minorities and gays, two of the fundemental "values" that hold the Republicans together.
The bullshit that got the working class to vote for the bastard Ronald Regan no longer works. The wink and nod to the despicable pieces of shit like Bob Jones University and code words like States Rights and Welfare Queens fail to sway the working class to vote the wealthy a tax cut.
Indeed that is all the G.O.P. has ever been about. Greed. Selfishness. Class elitism.
Historically, the Republicans have proven they are incapable of governing effectively. In the last half century only through celebrities have they managed to elect a president who maintained any effective popularity.
Eisenhower managed to maintain a comfortable approval rating despite having a very mediocre presidency. He managed this because of his high celebrity status from being Supreme Commander of the Allied forces during the European theater of WWII.
The bastard Ronald Regan had very high approval ratings despite being the worse president ever up to that time. His training as a Hollywood celebrity and his charm made the very people he was bending over and dry ass fucking approve of him.
The rest of the Republican presidents in the last half century: Nixon, Ford, Bush the Smarter, and Bush the Dumbass without the celebrity status were all dismal failures despite having virtually the same policies as the bastard Regan.
With hate and homophobia (the epoxy that bonds the fucktards together) dissolving at an ever increasing pace the future looks very bleak for the Repugs.
However the G.O.P. does have a role needed in our government.
The one thing they have proven themselves to be good at is being obstructionists.
Even though I am a Democrat, I do not want them to have unchecked power as they will inevitability fall to the seductive siren of power.
We need someone to keep an eye on the Dems and make sure they are not getting blowjobs at work or using government postage stamps for personal use.
Who else but a pissed off fucktard lawmaker from some racist district in the deep south, desperately trying to appear relevant could do the job that well?
There you go G.O.P. leaders. Now you have something to strive for.
Space Trucker Out

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welfare to work or involentary servitude?

There has been, in the last fifteen years, a nationwide attempt to reform the Wefare system and end the cycle of poverty. There are programs throughout the country that are working miracles in people's lives. The welfare rolls are shrinking and more people are getting on with successful lives.
There is a right way to create a system that enables people to change their lives. There is also a wrong way, and that is what i want to address. The state of Tennessee works with the Maximus program, a worldwide, nonprofit organization which, when used correctly, can fascilitate positive change. Maximus helps by providing educational opportunities, helping custodial parents to obtain child support from absent parents and encouraging growth and self sufficiency.
However, the interpretation of rules in the program needs to be closely monitered to prevent abuse of the system by those who are charged with the responcibility of effecting those positive changes.
The states which are utilizing this system seem to be overlooking thirteenth amendment rights in its attempt to decrease the numbers on their welfare rolls.
There are requirements that make perfect sense. Able recipients are required to put in thirty hours a week in a combination of job search, education programs and work.
It is the work part of this program that concerns me.
A program called WEX {work exprience} is a blatant abuse of the thirteenth amendment. Recipients of benefits are being told they must participate in the WEX program or face "sanction" and a loss of benefits. Nothing wrong with that, right? One would think there would be close montering of employers participating in this program. They would be willing and ready to hire participants who show that they are ready and willing to work and leave welfare behind. Unfortunately, the overseers of this program are sending people to work sites that are seeking only volenteers. They are allowing employers who have no intention to hire participants and they are telling recipients that their benefits are their paychecks.
A family of four recieves $226 in cash benefits in Tennessee. Has anyone explained how this pays for ever increasing utility bills, buys household and personal care products and other necessities? Participants are required to work a minimum of 10 hours per week for the WEX program without compensation. Tennessee is only one of many states participating in this program and I wonder who is watching out for the impoverished people whoe constitutional rights are being violated.

Thirteenth ammendment:
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime
whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United
States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Since when is being poor a crime?
How many rights do we have to lose before all of the United States of America stands and says NO MORE? I am all for welfare reform, but not at the expence of our constittional rights. Why is there no outcry for these poverty stricken casualties of the Bush administration’s seemingly endless trashing of our constitutional rights?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Topic of Torture

I am appalled that torture is even a topic of conversation in 2009 in the United States. It seems to me that the proper context to examine that subject would be in historical accounts of the Spanish Inquisition, the Tower of London, and the Japanese atrocities during WWII, but here we are. We have been placed here by the arrogance of an administration who believed that accomplishing their goals, whatever they may have been, were more important than our reputation in the world. Our reputation has suffered, we are no longer an example for the world, or at least an example that we want to show the world. We have shown an ugly side of ourselves, and whether or not we discuss it openly or keep it hush-hush within the confines of internal investigations and memos, the information is out there. I only hope that this information is not used against any one of us that is unfortunate enough to be held in a jail or a brig on foreign soil. The excuse for using torture was the same excuse we have heard repeatedly for other violations of rights in the past 8 years, staying the course, and keeping the country safe. It had become an old mantra that thankfully, is now being seen for what it was, a diversion from an ineffectual leadership who had nothing meaningful to say.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Confederate Flag

On this day as fucktards all across the south from Walmart to shining Walmart remember with pride there ancestors getting the living tar whipped out of them by fucking yankees, lets think about the Confederate Flag.
It went through many incantations in its brief time it flew over the south as the banner of the rebels.
The one that became the most popular with descendants of the men who couldn't defend their home from yankees is the Naval Battle flag shown above.
I think however, if we are to do it correctly, we need to fly the last one the Confederates flew. The white one.

Confederate Memorial Day

Why in the hell would these fucktards want to be reminded that their grandaddies got their asses handed to them by goddam yankees?
Ain't that shit embarrassing enough to live with in secret shame?
Yankees came down here. And whupped our ass. I don't like thinking of it.
Get over it Cleatus. The South ain't gonna rise again. We still ain't got over the last ass whuppin.
Look, I know as well as anyone that Sherman was a fucker and a war criminal and would probably be a member of Bushes cabinet if he was still around, but the embarrassing truth is, our grandaddies mouth wrote a check that their asses could not cash.
Why is that something to so fucking proud of?

My Secret Crush on Bea Arthur

Ok, I didn't really have a crush on her. However she was one funny lady.
I remember watching her on Maude when I was a mere lad and thinking, "she puts the itch in bitch".
I also remember thinking that she was old as hell to. Damn. How long ago was that? 4 decades?
I never seen Golden Girls enough to become a fan of that show. She will always be Maude to me.
Anyway, rest in peace Bea.

Breaking Down the Subprime Mess

The start of this problem began many years ago with what I am sure are many, many Ponzi schemes, such as one that occurred in Alabama and involved a man named Jordan Olshan. The links provided give you the basics of the scheme. The mortgage company (and I say that loosely) did in house appraisals, using their own puppet appraisal division. Of course, all the appraisals were inflated like George Bush’s ego after his second election. This served two purposes. One, it allowed the company to hide its true value behind inflated books, and it allowed sales of homes at an over-inflated price to the poor folks that didn’t know any better or had no other option but to use this company for their financing. A number of the homes were owned by the company and were sold, foreclosed, repossessed, sold, foreclosed, and repossessed over the years that this scheme unfolded. In effect, the company became a “You Tote the Note” lot for houses. Their customers were generally undereducated, the elderly, and minorities. Easy prey and the principals were able to take sizable profits for many years. The investors were satisfied for a period of time also because they were getting return on their money, 16 ½ percent sure beats the amounts paid by CDs.

The relief, such as it was, that was awarded through the Court system went to the investors, not to the unfortunate Joes who were slaves at 18.5 percent interest to these snakes. I have a hard time mustering a lot of sympathy for the investors. You can’t tell me that they didn’t know what kind of an operation they were invested in. When you lie with snakes, sooner or later you better count on getting bitten.

Back when, there were a number of court cases prosecuted on behalf of the borrowers, but the Court system in its wisdom decided that if you could read (whether or not you understood, or whether or not the terms were usurious, or whether or not there was bad faith and misrepresentation), if you could read your name, then you were deemed to have understood the contract. Did I mention that these decisions were handed down by right wing, conservative Republican Judges? Anyone who thinks that the local Court systems are fair and impartial, and make decisions based on equity needs to wake up and smell the coffee. But that is another story.

The local Courts continued to allow this type of company to operate and I’m sure they were and are in every City and every State in these 50. When you multiply all these little operations, (Notice the word “little”, the monies involved in this one scam was in excess of $53 million.) you start to get the picture of just how widespread this was. Remember who likes to protect the interests of investors. You know ‘em, you love ‘em, they are going to keep your taxes low (if you earn at least $250,000.00 a year, that is), they are going to represent your family values and keep you safe, you put them in office.

Of course, this is an over simplified start to a much longer explanation, you have to take these sub-prime mortgages, put together by slum lords, package them up, call them mortgage backed securities or other equally attractive sounding names, sell them though reputable companies to everyone in the free world that wants to make a profit, whether or not they know what they are investing in, and then wait for the inevitable “other” shoe to drop. Did you hear the thud?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Superman, Where Are You?!?

The Last Son of Krypton has been trapped in an alternate universe version of the Phantom Zone known locally as Redstone Arsenal and will not be released until at least 6pm local time.
Victims of super villains will have to rely on a weaker Earth born hero until then.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hypothetical Question For Pro-Lifers

Probably the most polarizing topic in America is abortion. Pro-Lifers normally have a non yielding veiw that abortion is wrong and that a fertilized egg is a human being and anything short of giving it the chance to develop is murder.
Using this reasoning most Pro-Lifers are opposed to stem cell research because extracting the stem cells destroys the embryo and in their minds constitutes murder.
Here is my hypothetical: A raging fire breaks out at a medical research facility. You heroically
rush into the burning building to see if anyone is still trapped inside.
Inside the building you come up on a long hallway with a fire exit on each end.
At one end by the exit is an infant baby crying. At the other end is a cyrogenics container about the size of a large thermos bottle. You immediately recognize it as a container that contains 20,000 frozen blastosists.
The fire is getting worse. You have time to save only either the baby or the 20,000 blastosists. Which one is it? Do you save the baby and doom the thousands of people to death, of do you save the thousands and doom the baby?
If you honestly believed that thermos actually contained all those people you would save it. But you know you wouldn't. You would save the baby because you know it is a person. You would let the frozen embryos perish and probably not think twice about it. Am I right? Be honest.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stay Back 200 Feet

Currently I am stuck in a truck inspection line behind a dump truck.
On back of the dump truck is a sign that says stay back 200 feet and thy are not responsible for broken windshields.Well, if the object comes off his truck and hits and breaks my windshield, who the fuck is responsible? The answer of course is the owner of the dump truck.
The sign is obviously put there for the purpose of tricking some drivers.
I guess if they manage to dodge even one broken windshield complaint because someone believed it was true, it was worth the cost of the sign.
I wonder if I put a sign on my car saying that I wasn't responsible for speeding violations would I be able to fool an occasional cop?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Forgiveness a la Pork

I am working on the idea of starting up a pool to see who can guess the closest date when a politician or pundit has to apologise to Rush Limbaugh.
What would be a good prize for the winner? A rack of ribs? A side of bacon? 10 lbs of shit in a 5lb sack would be more appropriate but noone would play.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Other than the huge leap in artificial limb technology, did anything good come out of Bush being president?


When a C.I.A. interrogater/torturer comes home to his family after work, what does he do?

Cell Phone Blogging

Cell phone blogging, I have discovered, makes for easier and more timely posts.
Before I would have to wait until I was at a computer and then sit down and write.
Now wherever I happen to be I can whip out my trusty Dash and thumb type away. A thought or idea has a little more of a chance to be recorded before it escapes my ADD crippled brain.
I do miss the spell check, although the predictive text feature helps a lot.
Let's hope burn out doesn't happen as quickly as it seems to when blogging by conventional methods.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Home of the Not So Brave

Watching Glen Beck weep for his country, hearing Rush Limbaugh lie to his frightened sheep, watching Sean Hannity declare movie stars an "Enemy of the State", can only lead me to think one thing: We are no longer the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave.
Franklin D. Rosevelt said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Great words from a strong leader during a troubled time in our nations history. Repugs and faux patriots, however, tell us to be afraid. Be very afraid.
For eight years the Bush administration stoked the flames of fear with their bullshit color coded terror threats and warnings to buy duct tape and plastic sheeting.
Fear is the only thing these fucktards have. Fear and hatred is the glue that holds the GOP together.
We have gone from a nation of strong citizens standing united despite our minor political differences to a country of weak and trembling bunnies. Weeping and cowering in fear of minorities and gays, we have almost 30% of our citizenry going fucktard crazy buying up guns because Fox "News" and A.M. hate radio tells the scared little bunnies that the mean nigger in the White House is going to steal your guns, fuck your white women and make you marry a queer.
How did we let the fear mongors get in such power? Why would a major political party like the GOP let fucktard fear mongers like Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck, and the rest of the Hee Haw gang become spokespersons for their party? The party of Lincoln and Eisenhower are now the party of Confederate flag waving scaredy cats.
Think Lincoln would be proud of the party he once led?

Unpatriotic Right Wing Assholes

Anyone who can stomach the stench emanating from the A.M. radio and Fox "News" has had to have heard the blithering shit from Vulgar unamerican traitors like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann "The Man" Coulter, and many others.
These disgusting excuses for human beings routinely stir up the fear in their fan base with their non stop excrement of lies and distortions.
The other day the despicable Rush Limbaugh defended the torturing of prisoners. His reasoning being that Senator John McCain was broken by the torture from his North Vietmanese captors so it does work.
Anyone with any knowledge of McCains history knows that he made up shit in hopes that it would end the torture. Hmm, seems that is EXACTLY what happened when the C.I.A. got information by torture. Info from a terrified pain racked prisoner is not reliable.
Of course we don't expect McCain to publically refute Pigboys blithering nonsense, after all The Straight Talk Express was derailed when McCain sold his soul during the political campaign. Besides having to apologize afterwards to the de facto leader of the GOP would leave a bad taste in his mouth.
Vile transvestite Ann Coulter routinely shows up on Fox "News" to spout unamerican hatred against democrats, scientists, artists, and liberals.
Sitting uncomfortably with his bony legs crossed tightly to keep his nuts from falling out of the same old black micro mini cocktail dress he wears wherever he goes, Ann spews nonsense so ridiculous that only the dimmest of the dim could possibly believe it.
The skank usually has a book he is hawking. With titles like "Rape the Democrats Children", and "Blow Up the New York Times" he manages to make the fucktards feel like they are smart by having books on their fireplace mantel between the jar with Gramps false teeth and his spittoon. His upcoming book, a follow up to "Kill all Liberals", is expected to be a New York Times Best Seller, assuming his fans don't blow up the New York Times that is.
When not weeping uncontrollably, Glen Beck is usually pushing his 912 project. An idea so stupid it is hard to fathom, Beck claims he wants to return America to the national feelings we had the day after 9-11.
I guess in his mind xenophobia, fear, stock market crashes, and rampant fucktard chaos are good things. Or perhaps he justs wants President Obama to disappear for a while like Bush did on 9-11, leaving Rudy Gulliani running the country. Of course his fan base sop that shit up like a hobo on a plate of biscuits and gravy.
On the lower end of the intellectual evolutionary scale, Sean Hannity, blathers bile 100 percent unchallenged now that the Fox "News" token liberal and punching bag, Alan Colmes, finally regained some self respect and quit their joint television show. If by joint, you mean Colmes sitting there mutely looking goofy and saying "Oh Sean", every now and then while Hannity vomits faux patriotic holier than thou Republican talking points.
All these shitbags want America to suffer so they can profit from their sheep, who are trembling in fear of niggers and queers.
Actually Obamas victory in the presidential election was the best thing to happen to them.
Now they no longer have to play apologist for a weak and stupid administration like they had to do for eight years, and can focus fully on what they do best: lie, distort, and fear monger. With a black man as president and gay marriages becoming more accepted, they can now scream, weep, and slander in full force. With the millions of stupid quivering in fear Americans, their continued success is guaranteed.
If this is not evidence of the non existance of a god or karma, what is?
Spreading fear and hatred in the name of God and Country and exploiting the stupidity of people for personal gain, this is the very definition of a traitor.
To bad their really isn't a hell.

-=note=- This post was composed and uploaded using a cell phone. No grammar and spelling check software was available and I am sure it is obvious.
Look for spacetrucker on Twitter.
Space Trucker Out

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rush Limbaugh

Just read a disgusting article about Rush "Pigboy" Limbaugh where he defended the pirates that were killed by the SEAL team.
What a sorry sack of shit that Fucker is.
The website was Crooks and Liars. I will try to post a link on Twitter.

Analog Thinking

Years ago when VCRs first came out and were gigantic and expensive, I remember trying to explain a common misunderstanding about the functuonality of the devices.
There was a fellow who pondered if you recorded a show off of a small B&W television, would it be worth watching on a larger color TV.
I tried futilely to explain to him that the VCR doesn't record off the TV itself, but has its own tuner. Basically it was a TV without a picture tube.
This was a fact I unfortunately discovered while trying to record the first episode of the original Battlestar Galactica. I sat and watched the show with the pause control at the end of a long wire plugged into the brand spanking new VCR. I dutifully paused at all commercials and restarted the recording when the ads were over. Later, to my horror I discovered that instead of BSG, I had recorded Hee Haw. Networks back then did not replay shows later in the week like they do now so that was a complete bust. But I digress.
The gentleman I was trying to explain this too absolutely could not grasp this concept no matter how many times I explained it. He eventually got irate and said I was an idiot and would not discuss it anymore.
I recently entered the same mindset while talking to teabaggers. No matter how much logic and facts I used, they never could grasp the concept that they were protesting a tax policy that will BENEFIT them. Inundated with lies and distortions from Fox "News", Glen "The Weeper" Beck, Fats Limbaugh, Sean Insanity, and other fucktards, they knew for a goddamn fact their fucking taxes were going up, and I was just another brainwashed nigger and faggot lover.
At first I assumed they knew better and were just fucking lying because they hated Obama so much that falsehoods, in there minds, was the lesser of two evils.
But as I argued with them, their racism, hatred, and fear became so obvious, that it was clear they thought what they were saying was true.
Just like with the irate man and the VCR, I let it drop. I am sure that fellow eventually figured out how it works and maybe even recalled our conversation.
Perhaps in time the teabaggers will do the same and figure it out. Until then I guess we should pretend we are in Junior High again and point and laugh at them.
It probably will not help matters and in fact may even cause harm, but goddamn these fucktards are funny.
-=note=- This post was composed and uploaded to Blogger completely via my cell phone. No spell and grammar checks were available to use and I am sure it is obvious. Thanks for reading and be sure to catch me on Twitter.
Space Trucker Out

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cell Phone Blogging

Well, it appears that I got the bugs worked out of Blogger so that the posts from my cell phone will upload like they are supposed to.
Without a reliable source to a bonafide computer since my laptop died, I will be posting a majority via the mobile blogging feature.
Without spell check I am sure my articles will be riddled with goofs, non sequitors and the like, but it still should be easier to understand than listening to George Bush talk about Mid Eastern warlords.
The feature will also allow me to upload pictures from my phone, so that might can be fun. Assuming I see anything worth taking a picture of.
If I ever make it to a sci-fi convention again, it will definately be a hoot.
One draw back is, I doubt if I will be able to continue mirroring this blog on MySpace as I don't think they have a mobile blogging feature. Maybe they do, I will check.
Anyway, back to work and look for future cuss blogs inundated with grammatical errors.
Space Trucker OUT

just a test.

trying to work the bugs out of the mobile blogging feature

Beck Gets Teabagged

There is a man called Beck,
Whose sanity is quite suspect.
He said with a sneer
As he wiped away a tear,
All that teabagging & still no respect!
Fox "News" and their mentally deranged commentators went full speed in promoting the ludicrous and embarrassing "Teabagging" parties. "Teabaggers" dressed up in 1700s era costumes and pretended to secede from the King of England or some stupid shit would throw tea bags in the creeks or lakes where ever their fucktard event happened. One brilliant teabagger threw a box of tea on the White House lawn obviously irritating the Secret Service who sent a robot out to inspect it. That particular event came to an end about that time.
The fact that the taxes they were protesting were the tax structure put in place by President Bush and his fellow Repugs escaped them for a while during the organizing.
Pointing out that fact and only the millionaires and billionaires would see a modest tax increase, and the working class would actually get a tax break, the emphasis was changed to excessive government spending. ::yawn::
All in all, the April 15th protests were a bust despite what Weeping Beck and the Fox & Friends Morning Show tell you.
Perhaps naming an event after a porn movie term didn't really help any. (teabagging is the act of inserting ones testicles in and out of anothers mouth, much like dipping a tea bag in and out of a hot cup of water)
Maybe Glen Becks next event will be a protest on Cinco de Mayo. He could call it a "Dirty Sanchez" party. If you are not familiar with that term, utilize Wikipedia.

Beck Gets Teabagged

There is a man called Beck,
Whose sanity is quiet suspect.
He said with a sneer
As he wiped away a tear,
All that teabagging & still no respect!

Fox "News" and their mentally deranged commentators went full speed in promoting the ludicrous and embarrassing "Teabagging" parties. "Teabaggers" dressed up in 1700s era costumes and pretended to secede from the King of England or some stupid shit would throw tea bags in the creeks or lakes where ever their fucktard event happened. One brilliant teabagger threw a box of tea on the White House lawn obviously irritating the Secret Service who sent a robot out to inspect it. That particular event came to an end about that time.
The fact that the taxes they were protesting were the tax structure put in place by President Bush and his fellow Repugs escaped them for a while during the organizing.
Pointing out that fact and only the millionaires and billionaires would see a modest tax increase, and the working class would actually get a tax break, the emphasis was changed to excessive government spending. ::yawn::
All in all, the April 15th protests were a bust despite what Weeping Beck and the Fox & Friends Morning Show tell you.
Perhaps naming an event after a porn movie term didn't really help any. (teabagging is the act of inserting ones testicles in and out of anothers mouth, much like dipping a tea bag in and out of a hot cup of coffee)
Maybe Glen Becks next event will be a protest on Cinco de Mayo. He could call it a "Dirty Sanchez" party. If you are not familiar with that term, utilize Wikipedia.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Foil Fedora Part 2

Interesting video here. I have a couple disagreements with some of the points the author makes, but the point that conspiracies do and will occur is valid.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have the sinking feeling that I did not back up the last 3 chapters of my book when the laptop crashed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Way Road Leading Nowhere.

In the course of conversations with different people on the subject of politics or United States policies or any other related subject, I have been told on more than one occasion I should move away. The countries suggested are usually places like Russia or France. Occasionally Cuba.
Of course such remarks are usually from Fucktards and Christoids and don’t even merit a response because of the inane childishness.
However, it does make me ponder where a social conservative would move to if he had to.
While I have no desire to move away, indeed I love my country as well as anyone, I can speculate about other nations where living would not be terrible.
Hypothetically, if I were to have to leave my home and move away, I could imagine perhaps Canada. I have visited it a few times and the places I was at could easily have been cities in the U.S. Everyone was nice and polite. I saw no evidence of thuggery or bigotry although I am sure there are.
One draw back is, I hate cold weather. And it gets fucking cold there. Snow can blow me. Hell, Canadians live even further north than fucking Yankees, and we all know how I feel about that shit.
So I guess Canada is out, although I wouldn’t think it could be any worse than living in Alaska.
Truth be known, the more liberal countries in the world are not that bad a place to live. After all, there is no flood of refugees fleeing from Denmark, or most any other liberal European nations.
My point is, I could make do in a more liberal country if I had too.
And my question to the Social Conservative is: How about you? Where would you move? Would you prefer a more social conservative country than the U.S.? If so, what country would that be? For that matter, what country is AS conservative as the U.S. and maintains civil rights between genders and ethnic differences?
Actually the U.S. is the most socially conservative country in the Western world. To find a country more conservative you would have to go to a place like Saudi Arabia. There they uphold the values of the social conservative in a rigid non-yielding philosophy.
I postulate that the Social Conservative cannot find another country that meets his philosophical beliefs and live comfortably within its borders.
If that is correct, then it proves that social conservatism is a dead end, and the advancement of a more rigid conservative society is not only repulsive to social liberals such as myself, but obviously to the social conservatives too.