Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Smoke and mirrors: padding the polls

Lately I've been hearing a lot of hype on the news about President Obama's sinking approval ratings. They would have us believe that most of us are at odds with the current administration, including we who voted for Obama.
I do a lot of online surveys, and have, in just the past few weeks been asked about my political views. The minute I click on or type in "Liberal" I am disqualified from taking the survey. They don't want my opinion or that of any other liberal because they don't want their audience to see through the smoke and mirrors and realize President Obama is still popular and that we stand behind the man we elected to head our country.
So the next time you see a report that the President is losing popularity, don't be fooled into believing you are supporting a lost cause. It's what the GOP and the right wing media want you to believe and they will pad their polls to get the numbers they want, even if it is a lie.