Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Can Go Fuck Itself

2012 was a fucked up year.
We witnessed the most brain dead presidential campaign ever. The Republican primary was a clown show of idiocy that was of jaw dropping magnitude. The winner of that goat fucking was Mitt Romney. A Thurston Howell clone, he managed to put a face on how out of touch the uber rich are with normal people.
A child molester managed to forever tarnish a great college football legacy and coach at Penn State.
A horrible super storm named Sandy devastated the east coast.
We found out that the Mayans can't predict the end of the world any better than the fucking Christians can.
Evidently, Lance Armstrong turned out to be a goddam doping cheater after all.
Despite America putting a self contained robotic mobile laboratory on Mars utilizing a never before seen rocket powered hover crane on its last leg of the interplanetary journey, our country is still riddled with anti science imbeciles. Many of which sit in congress. And on the science and technology committee no less.
There was a horrible shooting at an elementary school. A tragedy which sent gun sales and stocks soaring.
Before that, we had an idiot seeking his 15 minutes by shooting a bunch of people at a goddam premier of a fucking Batman movie.
Before that, a kid was killed by a self appointed neighborhood watch commander.
Yeah. 2012 was a fucked up year. Even the good stuff got overshadowed.
Fuck you 2012. Rot in Hell, you bitch.