Wednesday, August 3, 2011

trickle down effect on inflation

You and I have seen it and felt int since Reagan first implemented his trickle down policy. What really trickled down was higher prices. We have seen inflation grow far faster than incomes, people struggling to keep up with the cost of living while the huge corporations have pocketed profits. Their profits didn't trickle down. They simply took their tax breaks to earn untaxed profits which they pocketed.
Gas, food and housing prices have increased year by year.
In 1980 $50 fed my family of four for a week. Today I spent $50 on groceries. I will be lucky if the food I bought lasts a week and I live alone. What fed 4 people in 1980 won't feed one person at today's prices. That is more than a 400% increase in food prices alone.
My annual income is a mere $2000 more than it was back then.
And they wonder why Americans are so angry with big corporations and the GOP. Isn't it time to wean these big-shots off the government teat?
Currently 40% of the nation's homeless population are children. Should we continue to allow those huge profits that never trickle down to continue while children are homeless and hungry in our own country?
Trickle down will never work unless greed is outlawed and I don't see that happening any time soon.

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