Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reply to a Conservative Woman

Recently, on twitter, I made a comment about Liz Cheney, to which I was taken to task by a Conservative (I believe a woman) who asked if I had a problem with strong women. My reply was that I have no problem with strong women. I have a problem with women who support the conservative culture that holds women down, like Liz. Of course, the person that I was replying to, could not comprehend what I meant by that reply. I tried to explain to the person, which cannot be done in a sole 140 character increment, so I ended up sending four tweets, including a link to an article about Lilly Ledbetter, which you can read better than I can explain.

Women conservatives, in their support of conservative candidates, including judges, lower their own standard of life. Ms. Ledbetter, after two decades of working in good faith for a company, found out she was being paid significantly less than men doing the same job. The conservative courts in Alabama added insult to the injury inflicted on her by the company by first reducing the jury award from 3.3 million to $300,000.00, a 90 percent reduction, and then ultimately the United States Supreme Court with its conservative majority did the same by taking away that award and rendering an absurd opinion that because she did not file a complaint with the EEOC within 180 days after receiving the first discriminatory paycheck, she was precluded from recovery. How can you file a complaint on discriminatory practices within 180 days, when you have no idea that these practices are taking place? That is absurd and unfair beyond belief. Ms. Ledbetter will still receive no compensation from the company that mistreated and abused her, but she did get recognition for her fight with the legislation recently signed into law by President Obama, that says that a worker can file a complaint within 180 days from receipt of any discriminatory paycheck. That is an important distinction in that in most cases, discrimination occurs for a long period of time, in Ms. Ledbetter’s case, many years, without being discovered.

I am sure that the significance of this one instance will be completely lost on the conservative woman who questioned me about my comments, but the point is that when you support the conservative dogma, you should look beyond the rhetoric and see what practical applications your support may have on your own life.


  1. I have had conservative men tell me women should never have been given the right to vote, citing that "all Men are created equal" purposely exculded women.

  2. Men and women are created equal, we all breathe in air. However, people are never all treated fair and with the same level of respect. One day when we live in a Perfect world, we can all enjoy peace...I don't expect to live that long, but everyone needs a DREAM. Best wishes to each of you for a productive and Equal life...most of life is what we make it anyways.