Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We all do it don't we?

Awhile back I voiced my objection to something that I have always taken issue with. The response I got was nearly as insulting as the word used to describe me and other women. I refuse to accept that gender based expletives are acceptable. Think about names people are called, whether in jest or intentional insult.
Let's start with bitch, since that is the word I found objectionable. What is a bitch? It is a female dog. A fucking bitch would be a female dog in heat. One might argue that men are often called sons of bitches, but think about that. That is an insult to the man's mother. So is bastard, given the definition of that word. I suppose you could call a man a cur, which is another word for male dog, but it just doesn't seem to have the same sting.
If you must be gender exclusive, cunt is a good choice. Few people are aware that Cunt is actually the name of a goddess of sexuality, and therefore should be considered a compliment.
Asshole is probably a good, genderless name to call someone. We all have one and most of us have probably been one a few times in our lives. I prefer to be called by my name. But if you must expel your anger on me by calling m an off color name, call me an asshole or a cunt. It won't hurt my feelings, but I may return the compliment.
If you simply must call me a bitch, kindly capitalize every letter and follow each with a period:
Call me
B. beautiful
I. intelligent
T. talented
H. honest
but please don't refer to me as a female canine.

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