Thursday, June 10, 2010

God in School

Alright, I have been fussing for weeks now about this blog and Spacetrucker's negligence (You hear that, Spacetrucker?) so I guess it is up to me to get back to it.

There is a constant uproar by the Christians about putting God back in school and a muted fight by Atheists to keep that from happening. While I am an atheist, I see nothing wrong with teaching Judeo-Christian history in school, as long as it is taught in the framework of history and not dogma, and as long as equal time is given to other faiths and their contributions to history. However, I do not believe that teachers who put illustrations up on their walls purporting to teach American history and the history of our founding fathers, with the various mentions of God are doing so to teach history. Judge for yourself, but what I see is a calculated effort to push their faith and make a political statement with American history as a veil of legitimacy.

CitizenLink: Poster Child - You won't believe what California school officials found on a classroom wall.


  1. What the guy in the video (and most of the Judeo/Christian community fail to understand is that they have no right to impose their beliefs on other cultures or religions. In fact that is what the crusades were about and what most wars have been fought over. No religion has been as bent on "winning" unwilling souls to their dogma than Christianity.

  2. Bughi, you are absolutely right and I could not have said that better.