Monday, June 14, 2010

This too shall pass

I have had my share of difficulties in the last few days. But that's not really what this blog is about. We all go through tough times now and then. It's simply part of the human condition.
This afternoon I went out on my balcony to get some fresh air and a break from daily chores. I'd been feeling a little sad, a little lonely. I have a wonderful view from the balcony and it usually cheers me up to go out there.
As I sat there enjoying the calm I noticed a large white cloud. directly above it was a small, black one. As I watched, the dark little cloud dispersed, leaving the white cloud basking in a soft, golden glow.
I couldn't help thinking, "This is the way life is". We can let the little black clouds overwhelm us and completely miss the golden moments, or we can simply let the darkness disperse and find our calm in the aftermath.

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