Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Of Democrats and Ducks.

Last night I was at my neighborhood pub, enjoying a few cold one with some friends, when I heard two of the guys I was sitting with mention something to each other about the "Democrats that just came in".
These guys had been giddy as school girls at a Justin Bieber concert about the Scott Walker recall attempt failing, so I thought it was some more of that shit.
Having been fucked with enough about that, I ignored them.
A few minutes later, they said it again. This time, my curiosity got the best of me and I asked them what the fuck they were talking about.
One of the guys nodded in the direction of a group of black patrons and said, "Those Democrats."
"What about them?", I asked. "And why the fuck are you calling them Democrats?"
Now I know as well as anyone that if an African-American is of a political mindset, they are more than likely gonna be leaning to the Democratic Party, but it still didn't make sense why they were referring to them that way. (If I had thought about it and hadn't spent the last two hours drinking I would have known without asking)
"We gotta be careful of what we say", said one of them. "Obviously we can't say what they really are out loud."
Not wanting to get into another argument with them, I just rolled my eyes and resumed my conversation with the friend sitting to my other side.
Later at home I started thinking about it though.
That made me think of a guy I know, named "Duck".
Obviously Duck isn't his real name, but he must have liked the moniker as that is what he referred and introduced himself to others as.
Anyway, Duck is one of the most openly racist fuckers I have ever known in my life. Especially when he has had a few beers on his belly.
He has been banned from just about every drinking hole on the north side of the Rocket City, a badge that he wears with pride. (I think, however, that the reason he gets banned is because he doesn't believe in tipping the wait staff or the bartender)
I only know the guy from the local pub establishments and never have done anything with him, but he did seem to cotton up to me for some reason or other. And it is hard to believe, but the guy is a pretty cool person on most things.
He is a skilled craftsman, he works hard has a carpenter in the construction business, something that is always going on in this area.
Shake hands with him and you can't help but notice that he has the heavily calloused palms of a man that isn't afraid of work.
But he is a piece of shit racist. Plain and simple.
I seen him storm out of a bar, leaving a freshly poured beer behind, because a white girl came in with a black man.
Unlike my friends I mentioned above, he doesn't call blacks Democrats. He calls them exactly as he thinks of them, and is not afraid to use the word in front of them, or anyone else.
I am surprised that he hasn't gotten himself a good old fashioned ass kicking, but maybe most people are afraid of him, or maybe they think he just isn't worth the trouble.
As horrid as the man is, at least you got to hand it to him for not being a pussy.
My other friends are probably just as racist as he is, but are way to frightened to be themselves in public.
These friends are good people. Both are engineers, one is active in his church and community. Professional and normally well mannered racists.
My thoughts are; which is worse? Duck, or the pussies?
And they are pussies. I only regret that I didn't take the opportunity to call them that last night.
I think I have come to the conclusion that they are worse than Duck. As bad as a racist is, a pussy cowardly racist is worse.
Racism is alive and well here in north Alabama. I have lived here all my life and I see it everyday. And I don't think that it is going away anytime soon.
I imagine some people reading this from a more progressive area might be a little shocked that bigotry and hate is still so open here.
But it is. And thanks to A.M. hate radio, Fox "News", and the Teabaggers, they have learned to keep it in the open. They just can't say "nigger" in public anymore like they would like to do. Well, people like Duck still do, but the rest are to scared to.
Much like my friends "Democrats" code word, they have substituted the word "nigger" when describing President Obama to Socialist, Kenyan, Commie, Nazi, or scores of other words. All done with a knowingly wink and a nod.
While the "Ducks" in the world are fewer, the cowardly version is rampant. They may have to whisper their racist jokes and use codes, when in public, but they are there.
And they are happy to let the Ducks scream at minorities and hold up misspelled signs at Tea Party rallies while pretending they aren't like that.
But I know the truth. So do they. So do you.
Let's quit pretending.
Racism is here. Yeah, most are old fuckers that will be dead soon, but many aren't.
It is very unlikely that I will live to see the south emerge from this backwards ass stupidity.
However, to any of my right leaning Alabama friends reading this, take note.
I ain't gonna just roll my eyes at your Fox "News" inspired politically correct bigotry anymore.
Say it in front of me, and I am gonna call you what you are. You already know you are a racist, so no reason to point out the obvious. But I will call you what you don't think you are: a fucking pussy.


  1. A few comments. I don't think this is as much a Southern thing as it is an American, and in some cases in Canada where I am from, a Canadian thing. I have always said the KKK who run around towns in rallies down main street in white sheets aren't the problem to be concerned with, the ones who gain office in town hall and in Washington are. They are smart enough to play the the two guys at the bar were.
    Also, if you have never seen the movie Joe, with Peter Boyle, have a look.

  2. In Mississippi, I have frequently heard "Democrat" as a euphemism for a black person. The other thing I notice is that when they say "black", they frequently whisper that word.

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