Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Save Your Jobs From the Hoards of Illegals

I got an idiotic e-mail from my U.S. Rep. Mo "Babbling Brooks, blathering his bullshit about Obama is hurting Alabama by allowing some immigrants who already have jobs and aren't on the dole, stay here.
Look. It is simple. If you are working for someone that is a bastard enough to fire you and hire illegal immigrants, you probably need to take action yesterday.
And it is simple.
You and your coworkers organize.
If you are a member of a union, you have additional laws to protect yourself.
Forget all the bullshit you have heard about unions. They are all lies to make you and other stupid people scared and work for peanuts.
You want the good ol' days?
Well the good ol' days was when unions were at their peak and wages and working conditions were at their best.
Do you think it is only a coincidence that as the unions are being busted up, that job wages stagnate or drop? That companies hire illegals comfortable in the knowledge that there is nobody to protest?
Who do you think is your voice in D.C.?
You think it is a motherfucker like Mo Brooks?
No! It is the unions.
So, quit listening to shitheads like Mo Brooks or the scores of liars on A.M. radio. Turn the putrid sack of shit Bill O'Really and the rest of his Fox "News" liars off.
Take measures to protect your jobs.
That is what the fuck the whole labor organizing thing was about to begin with.
Organize! Talk with someone you know that belongs to a union. Get the truth about them rather than the incessant lies.

Or, you can continue quivering in fear and hope Mo Brooks and the Republicans will do something to save your job. If you believe that you are to goddam stupid to have a job and need to be replaced.

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