Friday, June 19, 2009

Mr. Trucker Goes To Washington

Greetings citizens, Spacetrucker here on board US Airways flight 2502 to Washington D.C.
As I sit here cramped in an aluminum tube filled to capacity with grumpy coffee breath mouth breathers awaiting take off, I try to come up with some witty lines to put into this blog.
Unfortunately nothing comes to mind at the moment, so I am just gonna thump type away on whatever stream of consciousness may happen.
I checked out the cockpit when I boarded and both the pilot and co pilot looked young and healthy. Luckily there should be no unscheduled passing of the flight crew.
We were delayed taking off because of a long ass line of women trying to use the fucking restroom on the plane.
Guess where my seat is?
Before getting on the plane I got a call from my union prez who is supposed to be traveling with me, saying they won't let him in because he missed the flight.
Obviously what happened was, the fuckers over booked the flight and it became first come first serve. That shit happens all the time, but the airlines usually give u a discount or even a free domestic flight for your trouble. These bastards evidently put the blame on you for being in the back of the line.
Him missing the flight would probably be funnier if for the fact the hotel rooms are booked in his name and he won't be arriving until later tonight. I hope the fuck I can talk them into letting me have my room. Else it is gonna be a piss poor fucking first day.
I spent the first part of this flight experimenting taking videos with my cell phone and transferring them over to my Nokia mini computer. I hope to be able to do some video blogging. As purty as I am it just ain't fair not to get my face on the internets as much as possible.
I think we may be getting ready for our descent, if so I will have to turn off this cell phone until we land, so I am closing up.
I will upload and post as soon as I am allowed.
Spacetrucker out.


  1. OMG> Hadn't checked the blog at all yesterday. You are so funny. I hope u do that video blogging. Might be easier than thumb typing and u don't need to use spell check. lol

  2. That was so funny, even though it did not seem you were having a fun time!

    I be looking forward to your video blogging! hahaha