Monday, June 1, 2009

Pro LIfe Thugs

The assassination of Dr. George Tiller Sunday was a gang hit. Only this time, the gang activity did not occur in inner city Los Angeles, New York or Detroit. It occurred in Wichita, Kansas at a church. The person who killed Dr. Tiller was not protecting his own life or the life of his family and he was not protecting his city, state or country. We cannot know what was truly in the mind of this evil person, perhaps he was operating under the misguided logic that killing Dr. Tiller would somehow save fetuses from abortion, or perhaps it was retribution for the abortions Dr. Tiller had previously performed.

What is clear is that what Dr. Tiller was doing, performing abortions, is a legal, medical procedure, which women were given a legal right to undergo by a Court decision which has not to this date been overturned. What the assassin did was murder. I do not address whether or not abortion is moral, or whether or not I personally agree with abortion itself. It is legal, and each person faced with an unwanted pregnancy should be able to make those decisions on their own, without threat, coercion, or fear. The murder of another human being as a preventative measure for actions they may undertake in the future, or as revenge or retribution is an illegal act. Unless the man is determined to be mentally ill, there are no mitigating factors. He is no spokesperson, no hero and no martyr for the cause. His motivation should not be explored and his story should not be told. There are no qualifiers to lesson his guilt. He is a thug and a criminal and all the people who are applauding his actions are just members of the same gang.


  1. I actually would go further than calling it gang activity and call it terrorism. Let's see: do this thing we don't like, and we'll kill you. Yep, pretty much terrorism in my book.

    Of course, Christians will use the same apology as Muslims: "It's just a few extremists who feel that way!"

  2. I agree wit Anonymous. It is terrorism. And fanatics have been committing acts of terror for thousands of years.

  3. Who is applauding? We're not dealing with a few extremists, we're dealing with a single insane person.