Monday, June 15, 2009

What if~~~~~

As i watch the dramatic story unfold of angry protesters, rioting in the streets, demanding freedom, demanding justice it takes me back~~~~~~~~

It takes me back to another election. Same story, different actors. Where, oh where was the outrage in 2000? Sure there were protests, but they were small and scattered. Where was the outrage?
Had we reacted to that election the way Iranians are reacting to this one, would G Dubyah have still been president? Would we have gone to war? Would 911 have still happened? Would our economy have gone insane?
We will never know. Let history be our lesson and never be silent again.

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  1. I remember that, when they fixed it for George to win the election. That should not have happened! I can not even write about it, makes me so mad!
    I think a lot of the awful things such as 911,the war that George started would never happened, if he had not got in office.

    The fall of our econemy would not have happened either.
    I will always feel That election was stolen.

    Great post and thanks for sharing