Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael Vick is a Dick

Ok, that subject is nothing new. We all know that Vick is a cock sucking piece of shit that we wouldn't piss on if he was on fire.
As a dog lover I guess I was just as disgusted by what he was doing a much as anybody could be.
That being said, maybe something good will come out of it. Lots of people weren't aware of the dog fighting that goes on in America.
Hopefully the outrage will give the other bastards who are abusing animals pause. I doubt it, but who knows?
As far as Vick goes, personaly I wish the bastard would get run over and castrated by an out of control dog catcher truck.
But we have given worse assholes a second chance so I guess he deserves one too. The fucker.
It would be terrible if all the Eagles fans practiced "battery night" on the first night he played. Pummeling someone, even a fucker like Vick, with hundreds of camera batteries at the same time would be wrong. I am just saying.
Spacetrucker... Out

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