Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweet Jesus on a T-Rex!

Hey folks, Spacetrucker here with yet more examples of fucktardary from the religiously insane knuckleheads in our country.
I have no kids of my own, (thank you Jeebus) but that doesn't mean I don't see and recognize children being driven into the bleak world of insanity by their fucktard parents.
Watch this video. This is insanity. Poor fucking kids. Some will escape this silliness, others will be drawn deeper into that darkness of superstition.
Obviously, you have to start the brain washing early or else it is not as likely to take,


  1. Sadly, You are right. Children are trained to parrot everything parents believe. Not always allowed to think on their own. I really think children should grow in their minds as well as their bodies. I think they are better to come to their own conclusions, not be brain washed. They should grow to all the different things there is so they can come up with their own feelings. I could be kicked for saying that but I see to much confusion in people that has been forced to go to church and then they go to college and they are left scratching their heads, saying "WTF"?. Could explain how people become conformist Republicans. hahahaha!

  2. Those kids should be put on the at risk register.