Friday, August 21, 2009

Nazis Numbskulls & Nationalism

Hey folks, SpaceTrucker here.
I have been watching some of the fucktard videos on the YouTube.
Sweet Jeebus, I don't think the internet is big enough to hold the stupid that some of these assholes are saying.
One thing they have all jumped on lately is comparing the president with Hitler and the Nazis.
Now I know we on the left did the same thing to the Baby Bush Bastard during his reign of terror, but it was mostly tongue in cheek despite some connections to the Nazis. I.E. the Bush Bastards family fortune got started with Prescott Bush dealings with Hitler. A practice that continued AFTER the U.S. declared war on Germany. A crime that many people would consider treason.
Prescott was busted for it, but recieved only a slap on the wrist.
Yeah, I know you Bush apologists are weeping about the whole "Sins of the Father" is unfair and you are probably right.
However comparing the Dems and liberals to the Nazis is absurd.
Let me point some stuff out. Feel free to try debunk me if you dare.
Below is a list of SOME of the ideologies attributed to the Nazis.
Read them and tell me which party it sounds like the most:

1. Stong Patriotism and Nationalism (my country right or wrong)

2. Uber anti-immigration policies and practices.

3. Support of preemptive military action.

4. Militantly anti homosexual

5. Rabidly anti socialist and communist

6. Proud displaying of flag and party symbols. (flag pins, ect)

7. Unwavering support of the leader.

8. Criminal prosecution against flag desecration.

9. Book burnings and other objections to artists and creative endeavours that are not align in the party belief.
I can go on, and I may come back and put more examples in.
The thing is, the Conservatives resemble the ideology of the Nazis more than liberals ever have.
The fucktardary of comparing a desire to make sure that those with the least in our society can have medical care with those actions of the Third Reich is beyond description.
If you really believe that nonsense, you are beyond help. You should just find you a cave somewhere and stock up on bottled water, bullets and bibles.
Those of you who know it isn't true, yet espouse the lie anyway, shame on you and fuck you too.
SpaceTrucker out...

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