Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson and the Fucktard Movement in America

Hey folks. I guess most of you know by now about the fucktard congressman from South Carolina who yelled out at President Obama during the speech to the joint congress.
Joe Wilson is the assholes name. Not to be confused with the spouse of the CIA agent outed by the fucker Robert Novak.
This is what Republicans and social conservatives have been reduced to. Sorry, loud mouth sacks of shit. Embarrassing, repulsive on every level.
This should not come as a shock to anyone. You know that he is not the only racist son of a bitch in congress that can't stand the thought of being lectured to by a nigger.
The fuckers hatred and fear is so strong that any empathy or decency, if he ever had any, was burned away long ago.
Sitting there listening to Obama chapped his ass so bad he could not restrain himself. It is a wonder he didn't call him a nigger or something.
As usual, I am very clumsy and crude when addressing matters such as this, so I will let someone say it better than I ever could.
Spread the video far and wide

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