Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obamas Sliding Approval Ratings

Happy Hump Day Folks.
I imagine most of you have been reading or have heard about the President's ratings slide. I think he is supposed to be down to around 50% as I blog this.
To start with, his approval ratings were so high when he took office, that he had no where to go but down.
I probably know as much about political polling and analysis as The Bush Bastard did about Shias and Sunnis so I am probably wrong on everything I am writing here. Won't be the first fucking time, damn sure won't be the last.
That being said, lets try to apply some logic to it.
There is an unwavering 28-30% of the population that will never accept a liberal or a black man as president, even if he were to invent cold fusion and cure cancer.
So with the fucktard factor accounted for, the very best Obama could ever hope to get is about 70%.
Then we must take in the 30% or so "swing" voters. These are idiots who have no idea who they are going to vote for up until the day they step into the voting booth.
Much time and money is spent by both parties wooing these morons. Needless to say anyone so apathetic and clueless as to not keep up with shit except for what ads are saying will not keep a positive view. Let's say Obama won about 20% of the moron vote. With the non stop saturation in the media of Obama being a Commie, Nazi, Muslim, Socialist, Satanist it is no surprise that he will lose at least half of this bloc of clueless idiots.
What does that bring him down to? With the automatic 30% and half of the clueless swing voters that he carried being about 10% that gets him down to a still respectable 60% + or -.
Now we come to the nut jobs on our side of the aisle. Yes we have them too, they just ain't as dangerous as the ones on the fucktard side.
They are pissed that Obama ain't outlawed meat and completely dismantled the military and other nonsense, so their approvals vaporized.
We are now down to around 50%. That is us, those who try to keep up with what is going on despite the distorted bullshit coming from our news media.
Obama has lost ground here too. Even some of us on the side of logic, decency, and common sense are getting antsy with the Presidents pussy footing around.
I am sure he is much smarter than I am, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's just playing "Rope-A-Dope" with the Repugnant bastards.
But, he has to know that he can NEVER work with these Republicans. Never. Never. Never.
They would rather the country go down in flames than see Obama succeed on anything.
So fuck them. We do not need them. All we need is 51 votes in the senate. We have that easy.
I hope Obama doesn't make the same mistake the Big Dawg made. Clinton enjoyed a Dem controlled House and Senate too, for his first two years. He folded under pressure and the Dems lost control on both houses.
Obama needs to get out there and fucking fight for what we put him in there for. Folding for the asshole Republicans can NOT be an option.
If he capitulates to the bastards, he will see his polls fall to the levels of the Bush Bastard. Which were at that 30% fucktard level mentioned above.
If he gets out there and fights, shows some spine, and manages to whip his party into gear we will see his polls climb to 60% or above easily.
Not rocket science. Not even polling science. Just observations from an old man looking out his fucking window.
SpaceTrucker.... out
Note: SpaceTrucker polling analysis are guaranteed to be within plus or minus of 80 percentage points. :-)

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