Thursday, September 16, 2010

Democratic Party or Alfred Newman? What, Me Worry?

Democrats have a remarkable ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
How the fuck could they lose to that idiot George W. Bush, twice?
Al Gore played mister nice during one of the sleaziest Republican campaigns in history.
John Kerry ended up having to defend (unsuccessfully) his military record as a combat veteran against Bush. Fuck me, people still actually believe that Bush was the war hero and Kerry the deserting coward.
With a filibuster proof majority until Teddy Kennedy died, you would think they would be a colossal behemoth of progressive legislation, hammering through Health Care Reform, Card Check, and other programs.
Alas no. Sadly they bickered and fought among themselves to the amusement of the Right Wing Nut Jobs and somehow managed to let the Republicans control the debate.
Now with Teabaggers winning primaries, you would think the Dems would be a shoe-in for victory on holding control of the Senate.
These idiots are beating out moderate and popular Republican candidates for the upcoming general election which give otherwise slim chance Dems a probable victory.
Probable in another universe perhaps.
In this world, the Dems will somehow fuck it up.
Jon Stewart and his panel explain it best.

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