Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To

“If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them.” ~Adlai E. Stevenson

The problem about the above quote is, the goddam Democrats will NOT tell the truth about the Repug bastards. Even with the outrageous bullshit from the likes of Sarah “Death Panels” Palin and other factually challenged nuts on the right, those on the left simply will not list the facts that would not only make themselves look good, but show what a bunch of lying fuckers the Republicans are.
I'm not going into a list of all the lies the G.O.P. are spewing on a regular basis. The fucking Internet ain't big enough to hold an article of that size.
The best thing to do is assume that anything coming from a Republican or anyone from their mouth piece, Fox “News”, is a lie.
This article isn't really about the all the lies the Right routinely vomits on us, but specifically on the lie that Democrats are just as guilty of ethic malfeasance and crimes as Republicans.
Think about it. Whenever a Republican gets his ass in trouble, ethically or legally, the apologist defense is always, “They all do it. One side is just as bad as the other.”
I remember when the sorry sack of feces, Richard Milhouse Nixon got busted, the apologist creed was, “He didn't do anything all the others haven't done. He just got caught.”
Most people with only a molecule of decency know that you don't justify bad behavior by pointing at other bad behavior.
The Republicans however, not only do that very thing but they make up bullshit on the Dems to point at to justify their unethical actions.
I heard Al Franken back when he had his program on Air America Radio, that someone needs to make a split screen presentation, with the Democratic Party on the left in blue and the Republican Party on the right in red, and have it start scrolling the criminal and ethical scandals of both parties. Which one do you think would go on and on and on?
I have done similar challenges with people on Twitter and other online scenarios. I would challenge some right wing fucktard do go back and forth with me in a debate. He would name a Democratic crime or such, and then I would do the same with a Republican. My challenge was that I could keep going on long after he couldn't think of anymore on the Democrats. As of this writing, nary a soul has taken me up on that challenge.
No one is saying that the Democratic Party is made up of wonderful sin free and squeaky clean individuals, but they no way come close to what the Republican party does in criminal and unethical behavior.
For instance, the bastards loooove to point at the Clinton administration as an example of corruption in the Democratic ranks. However, do you know how many people in his administration were felony convicted? Two. Yes only fucking two in the whole eight goddam years.
Lets look at their bastion of decency, honor, and honesty, Ronald Wilson Reagan.
This bastard had at least 138 members of his administration that were either convicted, arrested, or indicted of misconduct or criminal behavior. After plea bargains and technical overturns, he had at least 61 felony convictions all within his eight years in office.
But it didn't stop there. If it weren't for George Herbert Bush and his Christmas Eve PRE-TRIAL pardons on the Iran-Contra scandal, there would have been more. What? You didn't know that Bush Bastard pardoned those fuckers BEFORE they even went to trial? Robbing the American people of finding out the truth of what the fuck really happened on Iran-Contra? Gee, you would have thought that the liberal (cough) media would have been all over that.

So this is what we have: Republicans committing atrocious criminal behavior all over the fucking place then pointing at Bill Clinton getting a blow job from his chubby girl friend as justification for their actions.
By this successful, yet dishonest, way of defending themselves the Repukes have managed to turn a significant portion of the voting public apathetic towards politics. That and the fucktards they reach with their racist and homophobic messages gives them the chance they need to squeak through elections. That and boat loads of fucking money from corporations.
Seriously. Don't fall for that Fox “News” and A.M. hate radio bullshit. Think for yourself. Research for yourself.
I imagine if you read this far you are more inclined to be a progressive than a regressive as the regressive conservative mind usually can't handle reading anything with more letters than a fucking bumper sticker.
So, if you are one of those apathetic people, disillusioned about the party system in America, research what I just said. Then get out and vote to keep the lying bastards from regaining power in congress.
Don't listen to their outrageous bullshit. If it is to crazy to be true, it is.
Get out and vote. Then hold your representatives to what they promised.
If you are dissatisfied with how the Democrats are doing, just imagine how you will feel if the Bush era idiots gets back in there.


  1. Great post. Sadly, I can't take you up on your challenge. I totally agree with you ;-)

  2. heehehehe!!! All I can think of is Clinton got a blow job. I know the repugs have all done worse than that!!!!