Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stop the Rewriting of History

Almost daily you read or hear the right wing fucktards blame the massive debt and spending on President Obama.
There is a concerted effort by the corporate media and their brain dead Ditto Heads to rewrite history as if the dumbass 43rd president never existed.
The video below shows that it was that dumbass with his hand out stretched, begging the American people to fund his TARP at nearly a trillion dollars.

Whenever you get a tweet or read a status or an email or what-the-fuck-ever, blaming the deficit and debt on Obama, direct them to this video. Demand they then defend their position or change it. Of course they will do neither as it is impossible to do the former and they will not do the latter because they hate Obama and want their fucking country back. (we ALL know what that means)
For added fun point out that if the dumbass had simply stuck with Clintons highly effective economic policies, our country probably would have been much less in debt. Also point out how big of an economic surplus his policies created.
The resulting various shades of red the idiots face turns can be entertaining. As highly amused as you would be at this moment, act all concerned about his health. Ask him can you fetch his blood pressure medication. Would he like to lie down for awhile. Shit like that. Point out that in France, his medication would be free.
But anyway, there are the uniformed people out there who hear their lies and have no reason not to believe it because there is no counter argument other than bloggers and 1 or 2 liberal pundits on TV and radio.
We need to reach these people and let them know that the Republicans and the Teabaggers are nothing but fucking liars, cretins, and stooges for the corporations.
Pointing out the facts is easy. Just remember you will NEVER change the mind of a hard core Fox “News” fan. If anybody thinks that Bill O'Reilly is an honest and balanced commentator, they are lost already. But you can bust them in front of a fence sitter. When they can't defend their position, they lose. And they can't. Because they are either idiots who will believe any fucking thing the right-wing tells them, or they are liars. Either way, they will never vote for progress. But the fence sitter may.
November 2nd is an important date for our country. I'm confident the Democratic Party will hold on to Congress, but let's not take that chance.
Social Conservatives have swept the elections in mid-terms before. The results were horrible for the nation. Let's not let that happen again.
Post that video on your blog. Send it out to any fence sitter that you know. Make a RWNJ defend his position on the lies he is saying about Obama.
All that needs to happen is for those of us who got out and voted in '08, is to vote again November 2nd. And list the fucking facts. We win. Easy.
Space Trucker... Out.

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  1. While it is true that the country was a mess when Obama took office... if someone could name one single thing he has done to help the situation then, and only then, would I be willing to reconsider my stance on his administration. Until someone can show me what he has done then it's all just noise. People don't need to waste their breath telling me I need to support him just "because"... they need to show me something, anything constructive that he has done.

    Obama's "Blame Bush" card expired about 10 months ago... oh, and I would also point out that the House and Senate have been controlled by the Dems since '06.