Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 2 Year Journey From Hope to Hate

I think I may now know what LSD flashbacks are made of: Seeing an ugly old man with an orange face weeping, while telling a story of how, when he was a young man, he used to have to work in his daddys fucking bar.
As Boehner choked back his sobs, and I choked back bile, the superimposed graphic scroll of the election results showed the Dems getting their asses handed to them.
Evidently, all the hope America had a mere 12 months before has turned to hate.
Obama didn't twitch his fucking nose and make the bad shit go away fast enough.
This is what happens when you rely on the youth to help you carry an election.
They rushed out in droves to elect Obama, but when we needed them to keep the country from sliding back into the disastrous policies of yesteryear, they were either apathetic or pissed off.
Since the young fuckers weren't going to hang with us, I wished they had stayed at home during the primary. We may have gotten Hillary who, from experience, would know how to handle the Republican bastards.
Obama played mister nice and wanted to work with the Party of NO! and now the rabid dog has turned and bit the fucking shit out of the hand that was trying to pet it. Big fucking surprise there. Think that rabid ass dog will be easier to work with now that it is off its fucking leash?
I guess America gets what it deserves. Somehow, I was thinking we deserved better. I've been wrong before.
I still have hope.
I hope that Obama will finally grow some goddam balls and tell the Republicans to shove it up their fucking ass.
I hope that FINALLY, the Democratic leadership will learn if the American people have a choice between Republicans and Republican lite, they will choose the real one.
I hope that with power there will come some humbleness and reasonable attitude for the Repubs.
I can hope in one hand and shit in the other. I wonder which hand will fill up faster?
Of course all ain't lost. One bright thing about it is, many of the Dems that got the boot were fucking DINOs and if they were gonna be Democratic In Name Only, then they might as well have been fucking Republicans in the first goddam place.
The GOP managed to tie the conservative Democrats with Nancy Pelosi and made them sound like they were fucking commie homo lovers.
To be honest, I love to see the fucktards eat their own. And a social conservative Democrat is about as vile a thing there is.
Maybe in 2 years we can replace them with real Democrats.
We survived 12 years of Reagan/Bush and 8 horrible years of Baby Bush with 6 of those years enduring both Houses belonging to the Dumbass Party. So we can survive this too.
At least the comedians are happy. The jokes will once again start writing themselves on CSPAN.
How many of the comedy writers do you think secretly hoped that Christine O'Donnell would have won? I imagine that would fill the void left behind when “W” got off the stage.
Now let's set back and watch gridlock, witch hunts, legislation so outlandish that even Reagan would have to veto it and in 2 years, maybe we can give the Orange Man the Red Ass.


  1. I could not agree more! And, I could not have said it as well.

  2. Awesome write! This took my breath way. Gotta share.