Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why Do I Give a Shit?

Why do I give a shit? I've asked that of myself so fucking much since I have become politically active. Seriously. Why should I give a flying fuck?
I just had another round of arguing with a knuckle dragging moronic Teabagger.
He was crowing and strutting around about how glad he was that the “Real Americans” are going to take the country back today.
This stupid fuck, who is only a couple paychecks away from living in a goddam cardboard box, kept spouting out his dumbass bumper sticker slogans.
The idiot, who has a job that relies on funding from the government, blabbed on and fucking on about how government spending was out of control.
When I pointed out (for the millionth time) that his paycheck comes from the U.S. treasury, he accused me (for the millionth time) of being just a nigger loving bleeding heart liberal that was ashamed of being white, blah blah blah, fucking blah.
So why do I give a fuck? As of this writing it is 9:30 a.m. in the morning on November 2nd.
The media is still predicting a turn over of the government control to the dumbass party and thus would be a referendum on the failure of Obama and his policies.
So why should I even bother voting?
I mean, as a middle age white male most of the issues I have been fighting for would never affect me.
Abortion and womens rights. I, obviously, can never have a abortion. I have managed to live to my advanced age without knocking up a girl, so it is very very unlikely that abortion will ever touch me in my life. So why do I give a fuck about that? Women. Who the fuck can understand them anyway? So why the fuck do I continue to fight for womens rights?
Affirmative action and civil rights. As I said above. I am a white middle age man. Very unlikely that issue will ever have any effect on me personally. So why the fuck do I yell and scream in defense of it?
Global warming and the environment. I have no kids. I have already been alive longer than I have left to live. So why the fuck do I care if the goddam Republicans destroy the ecosystem? It is very unlikely that they will be able to completely render the entire planet uninhabitable in the next 4 decades. So I should be able to breath and drink water for most of my natural life span.
Space exploration and science. The fucktards have already crippled Americans scientific superiority so bad that we may never recover. Not in my life time anyway. It is now very unlikely that I will live long enough to see a manned Mars expedition. So why should I give a fuck if the Sarah Palins and the Christine O' Donnells take over the country? Stem cells? Bah. Fuck it.
First Amendment. Boy do the goddam Republican bastards hate the First Amendment! It does give me the right to rant and rave like I do on this blog. But do I really need to? I'm pretty sure I won't miss any meals if that is taken from me. I'm an atheist. I could give a fuck about religion and talking snakes. So why am I so goddam passionate about the First Amendment? If I had to, I could always pretend that I found Jesus. After all, I am an old southern white male. That shouldn't be hard to pull off... should it?
It must be so fucking easy being a Teabagging Republican.
So stupid. So bigoted. Hate is so fucking easy to embrace. Bumper stickers are so much easier to read and understand than actually researching for yourself.
Having Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh telling you how to think sure must save them lots of time. Believing Sarah Palin and her idiotic “Death Panels” nonsense must be fun.
What the fuck? It would be so much easier to be like those idiots. Why the fuck do I give a shit?
Perhaps there is something there.
I guess however, I will go vote straight Democratic Party anyway.
I just can't seem to shake my nigger loving, communistic, queer embracing, feminist supporting, tree hugging core values.
Wish me luck. If the fucktards sweep the mid-terms. It will be a long ass two years.
How is the best way to cut eye holes out of a bed sheet anyway?

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