Friday, January 14, 2011

Asshole of the Week - Sarah Palin

This edition of AotW was a toss up. I wanted to write about the Orange Man, John Boehner and his refusal to attend the ceremony in Arizona honoring the victims of the shooting tragedy, but decided to go with the shrill harping publicity whore, Sarah Palin instead.
This pitiful excuse for a human being immediately went on the defensive when some people suggested that the hateful rhetoric she and her cohorts have been spouting may have helped drive the insane fucker over the line and went on the shooting spree.
She released a self serving video addressing the tragedy that says despite the 20 people who were shot, 6 killed and 14 wounded, she was the principal victim.
Click here and watch the stupid video if your stomach can handle it.
Palin, having to “endure” the discourse went on to invoke the term “Blood Libel”. To be honest, I had no idea what the fuck it meant at first.
Turns out it is a horrible lie Christians used to say about Jews. She is either ignorant on what it means or an anti-Semite. I figure it is a whole lot of the former with a touch of the latter.
This stupid asshole could have come out with a speech addressing the divided rhetoric and make a promise to tone it down on her side, mention the victims by name, and express regret on any part, if any, of her rhetoric that could have caused this crazy man to arm up and do what he did.
Her approval points would have probably sky rocketed.
Instead the dumb ass got snotty and defensive, played the poor persecuted victim of the “lamestream media” and invoked antisemitism. I bet she gets real unpopular fast.
Good for you Sarah. I was half joking about how I hoped you became the GOP nominee in 2012, but now I want you to just go away. Just go the fuck away.
Go back to Alaska and start shooting things. Maybe get an A.M. Hate radio talk show. Become Glenn Beck's co-host. Get someone to write another stupid ass book with your name on it.
You never had any credibility to begin with. Now you are no more than Glenn Beck with nice tits.
Fuck you Sarah. You asshole.


  1. Steve, Don't send that creature back to Alaska to shoot innocent, defenseless animals. She either kills with her tongue or her gun. We need to have her put in prison for life in solitary. No living creature should be forced to be within earshot or gunshot of her--EVER!!!! She's a menace to all living creatures!

  2. Which one of you wish to be blamed for the next violence? When did we start blaming others for what it they didn't do? You cast the stone because of your own guilt and blame. The fear that she is right and you alone are responsible for your own actions. I saw no where that she should be to blame for some crazy asshole jumping off the deep end. According to the investigation, it's him acting alone. So is it now that the Police, Feds, Agents and others who are trained are insane and placing the blame on a poor insane man who could only have done this by being inspired by others? Think things threw before you begin to post things about other American's. I do agree that Mrs. Palin should have been more respectful of the families who have lost their loved ones and those who still today fight for their lives as we debate such insane things.
    Repeat after me... "I alone am responsible for my OWN actions, not people whom I have never met"

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