Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Orange is the New Green.

The Republican Bastards led by the orange fucker John Boehner (R-Weeper) take control of the House of Representatives today.
The first thing they promised to do is introduce legislation to repeal Health Care Reform and have it ready to vote on by friday.
These are the same mother fuckers who cried and yelled that Democrats were rushing Health Care reform through even though they debated on it for two goddam years.
Now they want to push the repeal through in two fucking days.
We all know that it will not get anywhere in the Senate, and even if it did by some fluke, Obama would simply veto it.
While this is just typical Republican posturing, looking like they are doing something but in all reality not doing a fucking thing, we do have to worry about the fact these assholes now control the purse strings.
After the bluster is over with, depending how much the repukes feel that the people are on their side, they may try to cut funding on parts of HCR.
Obama would be powerless to stop them to, as it is the House who has that right.
Normally I wouldn't worry about them doing anything so fucktard stupid as to cut coverage to uninsured children and such, but with this bunch, you never know.
What a bunch of fuckers.
Hypocritical bastards actually get on their soap box and with a straight face use the deficit as a reason to repeal HCR.
This after adding nearly a trillion dollars to it by extending tax cuts to the wealthy.
The insanity is just now gearing up.
How long before the birth certificate investigations start?
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