Monday, January 24, 2011

Why I Don't Like Sarah Palin

If you have been paying any attention to the “lamestream” media you have probably heard why liberals hate Sarah Palin.
More than likely these reasons come from supporters of Palin, and not the critics of her themselves.
Holier-than-thou Blowhard, Bill O'Reilly elucidated liberals hate Palin along with Michelle Bachman because they are pretty.
Former amateur porn model “Dr.” Laura answered the question from the right-wing Einstein, Sean Hannity that the reason is because Sarah has “big balls”.
Jim Geraghty of The National Review says it is because she didn't divorce her husband and abort her Downs Syndrome kid.
The varied reasons go on and on. And all are pure nonsense.
If these people sincerely want to make a show or print an article about why the left doesn't like Palin, why don't they simply ASK SOMEONE ON THE LEFT WHO DOESN'T LIKE HER?
The obvious reason would be that they don't want to give attention to someone who can legitimately point out what is wrong with her.
After all, these peoples jobs are to merely prop Palin up as to lend support to a phony populist ideology that the corporations are pushing on us.
In an honest debate about Palin, where the liberal has a chance to talk without being shouted down or having their words edited, I would imagine his or her words would be something like this:
Why do I hate Palin?
Well, where to start? So many places. How about a bullet list? (pun intended)
1. Her dishonesty. She repeatedly lies, unchallenged, about the most ludicrous things.
And no, it doesn't happen on both sides either. Remember the supposed “lies” from Bill Clinton about not inhaling or not having sex with that woman? Did they go unchallenged? Of course they didn't. Whole networks and radio lineups were created around challenging those “lies”.
Yes, we probably would hate her a little less, if a competent liberal had the opportunity to have an equal chance to respond to her stupid dishonest statements about Death Panels and “paling around with terrorists”.
2. She's a moron. Ok. Maybe that isn't a reason to hate her, but hey... we are still neck deep in a mess because of the 8 years of a moron president and his bumblings. The thought of going through that again is to repulsive of a thought to have to deal with.
She barely can make a coherent statement in a friendly, non confrontational environment. When she couldn't answer a simple question from Katie Curic about what periodicals she reads, she played the persecuted victim of “gotcha journalism”. Calling her an empty suit is an insult to haberdasheries everywhere and I would like to take this moment to apologize to Mens Warehouse, Eds Big and Tall and all the other related clothing outlets in America for my use of that term in the past.
3. She is religiously insane. Maybe the comments about the Alaskan Pipeline being God's will and the war in Iraq is a task from God, is just right-wing hyperbole, but her membership in a church who believes in the “end of times” non-sense along with the belief that they can raise the dead does give us concern.
4. She shoots wolves. Ok, we do know that there has to be some type of reasonable population control of these animals but we can't help but think making a sport of shooting them with high powered rifles from a helicopter along with throwing poison gas grenades in the dens to kill the pups is repulsive. Hey. We are liberals. We like animals and find this type of behavior horrific.
5. She is always portraying herself as a poor persecuted victim of the media. She keeps on pretending that the left is trying to silence her and she is just barely getting her message out. She repeats this on her Facebook, Twitter, Internet sites, and various Sarah friendly shows on Fox completely oblivious of the fact that she has a bigger microphone than 99.999999999% of anyone else on the planet.
When those of us on the left, who have been warning for months that her violent rhetoric was dangerous, pointed out that she bears partial responsibility to goading that crazy man to unload 30+ rounds into a crowd in Arizona, she jumped on that “I'm the victim” bandwagon once again and announced that the left was blaming her because they really want to bring the country to her knees. Evidently she thinks of herself as a Samson type of hero, fighting off the hoards of attackers solo with only the jaw bone of an ass, keeping the liberals from destroying America.
It can't be that we honestly believe what we are saying about her rhetoric, oh no. We really want to destroy America and she is standing in our way. How silly.
So that is some good reasons. There are more, but that is enough to not like someone. Right?
No, Bill O'Reilly, we don't hate her because she has nice looking tits.
No, Dr. Laura, we don't give a crap how big her balls are.
No, Jim Geraghty, we don't care she chooses to stay married to an imbecile or has a special needs child.
No. We don't like her because she represents everything that is wrong with America. She appeals to the lowest common denominator. She does not believe in religious liberty unless it is her religion. She slaughters animals for sport. She takes dishonesty and divisive rhetoric to an all knew height.
She is repulsive.
The honest question should not be why do liberals hate Sarah Palin but why, bumper sticker slogans aside, do you like her?

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