Friday, November 18, 2011

Twilight's Last Gleaming

One of the things that always chapped my ass is when people run their fucking mouth on something they have no idea of what they are talking about.
For instance being critical of a movie or book that they haven't seen or read. Kinda like the right-wing fucktards that shrieked and beat their chests about Micheal Moore's “Fahrenheit 911”.
So, I am kinda guilty about that as I am gonna run my fucking mouth about the Twilight movies.
I have heard quiet a bit about them. Most of my horror loving friends hate them or the idea of them as I imagine, like me, they haven't seen them.
Pretty boy vampires that sparkle in the sun instead of exploding or erupting in spontaneous combustion like they are supposed to doesn't help the critics either.
Like I said, I haven't seen any of the movies, but I am considering it. I will probably find they suck balls as a horror movie that is family friendly is an oxymoron and normally should be considered an abomination in the eyes of Cthulhu.
But regardless if I like them or not, perhaps something good can come from them.
Before you start cussing and defriending me on FaceBook, hear me out.
The target audience for these movies seems to be adolescent girls. A section of the population that normally would never go see “From Dusk to Dawn” or “Dawn of the Dead” or any other superior horror flick.
Perhaps because they like these movies, as they get older and find the allure of a Rated “R” movie intriguing they may try a bona fide horror production. Perhaps they may even like it. Who knows?
A whole new generation of gore whores may be born from this bubble gum franchise and join the rest of us “normal” horror fans basking in the glory of splatter exploitation.
The other side of the coin is, studios will probably green light a whole slew of watered down family friendly PG-13 horror productions aimed at the girl teen audience.
When Star Wars was released in 1977, hard core science fiction fans and personalities groaned in dismay for much the same reason.
Harlan Ellison deemed it as “junk food for the mind”.
Indeed, Star Wars was to true science fiction what Twilight is to true horror. Except that Star Wars is good.
And the studios did flood us with some really bad movies trying to cash in on Star Wars popularity. “Battle Beyond the Stars” and “Star Crash” come to mind.
But, some good things came out of it too.
The on again off again rebirth of the much superior Star Trek franchise finally got a big screen go ahead because of the Star Wars success.
We got Logan's Run, Close Encounters, and many superior low budget productions.
Hopefully we can see the same from Twilight. Hope does spring eternal.
Twilight will sparkle for awhile, then it will fade into obscurity.
Maybe some new horror fans will spawn from it and vampires will once again rise on the big screen to feed and seduce and be evil like they should be.
But until then, thank you Twilight. You make us Trekkies seem like normal people.


  1. Interesting. I'm not a fan of horror or Twilight or sci fi, but I get your point. Your post also led me to think more about "good" v. "popular." Popularity can be measured at the box office I suppose, but is there a recognized standard for quality?

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