Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Shit on Facebook

I have a diverse amount of friends and aquaintances on Facebook and it does lead to a wide range of posts that come through my timeline.
Here are some I have seen in the last few weeks:

1. People really, really, really, hate having to press "1" for English on their phones.

2. Many people want you to pray for something or give praise to Jesus and put the dare on it that "90% of people reading it won't have the courage to repost it. Will you?"

3. Everybody fucking loves pictures of cats.

4. Ron Paul is the only honest candidate in the race.

5.  Forcing poor and unemployed people to take piss tests is ok, because they had to take one to get the their job.

6. Their is a war on Christmas. Well, not now but 3 months ago there was.

7. Nobody likes Facebooks new fucking timeline.

8. Obama is either the best thing for the country or he is the most evil apparition to ever manifest itself.

9. Republicans really, really hate women.

10. Republicans respect women so much that they are writing legislation to "educate" them on abortion.

11. It is not possible to write a headline about Rick Santorum without it sounding naughty.

12.  Alabama lawmakers continue to embarrass themselves.

13. Mondays suck.

14. Fridays rock.

15. Videos with guys getting kicked/hit in the balls are still very popular.

16. Daily reminders that Jesus loves you and died for you.

17. Contraception is bad. Mmmkay?

18. Contraception is good. Mmmkay?

And so it goes.

Actually this blog post was just another cell phone edition of random musings.
Because of the limitations of writing with a cell, I am sure their are tons of spelling and grammatical errors. No need to point them out unless they are so bad that they confuse the meaning of what I am saying.
Hope you have a good day. Or not. However you prefer it.
SpaceTrucker... out.


  1. Looks like you coered all the basics. great musings

  2. You forgot one. If you are a liberal, you cannot defend yourself against crazy conservative prayers and other rants without being labeled evil and not to be trusted with children!


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