Friday, February 20, 2009

About This Blog

I am writing a book, hopefully humorous and informative about certain aspects and observations on society. Scathing (but good-natured tongue in cheek satire) attacks on Yankees, Republicans, Christoids, Social Conservatives as well as politically correct Liberals, Vegetarians, Tree Huggers and the like.
It will be jam packed with all kind of cuss words as well as some informative subjects that might cause you to learn something.
I will be using this blog more or less as a sounding board to post rants and articles that may later be used in my book or to simply get my mind on the matter at hand.
I have found that the more I write the more I WANT to write. Blogging is as easy and it sets up the mind to write and overcome mental stagnation. God knows I have enough of that shit as it is.
Comments are of course welcome and encouraged. After all, this isn't A.M. radio. I want to hear people that disagree with me as much as I want to hear from like minded gentle souls.
I will probably experiment with embedding video and audio, since Blogger allows that. Obviously that will not be incorporated in the book, however.
If you are the type of person that is easily offended, you may want to stay away, as I will probably will offend you. Stuffy, Holier Than Thou people are welcome at their own peril.

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  1. This blog is fuckin' awesome. I cannot wait for a book by spacetrucker.