Monday, March 2, 2009

Bobby Jindal: Hilarious Ass-Clown

Just for shits and giggles, I looked up the Bobby Jindal rebuttal on you tube last night. I only seen bits and pieces of it as I missed his original telecast.
I swear, this fucktard is going to be comedic gold if the Repugnants decide to make him a face in the GOP. PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN
One conservative pundit was quoted as saying; “It was a good night for Sarah Palin”. ha ha That is not a compliment Sarah!
This ass clown pointed out that the reason we couldn’t trust the government to fix the economy was because the government dropped the ball on Katrina. What a fucking dumbass! What impeccable logic. The fumble by the Repugs and President Gilligan Bush on a hurricane is supposed to be proof that ALL government is inept.
Well, all the dems now have to do is point out that FEMA worked very well under President Clinton. With proper leadership comes proper service. Under the disastrous Bush years, all the appointees were not there for public service, but to line their own greedy pockets.
All the Democrats need to do now is use Jindals own words against them. It would be very easy to point out how quick and efficient the government has acted under previous administrations, but collapse like a house of cards under greedy, corporate controlled ones.
This is so much fucking fun. With the Nazis out of power and scrambling for any silly ass thing to remain relevant, progressives and liberals may stay in power for decades.
Maybe we should start up a fund for Palin/Jindal 2012! What do ya say? LOL

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  1. Roflmao! Is the fund for comedy relief? I swear the republicants beleive we all live in a vacuum and are paying no attention to the wizard behind the curtains.