Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fueling the Paranoia of the Foil Fedora Crowd

Nothing can create the illusion of government conspiracy more than sealed documents. For some reason the geniuses in the Warren Commission thought it would be in everyone's best interest to seal the findings of the Kennedy Assassination until sometime in the future.
This harebrained decision caused a furor of conspiracy theories about who really shot Kennedy. Everything from Johnson, to the Mafia, to the Military Industrial Complex.
True X-File stuff.
The new tinfoil hat stuff is, of course, the World Trade Center attack and the former Bush Administrations planning and involvement.

While I have no doubt these evil bastards would do something like that in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it (and I suspected them at first), I don't believe they did for one reason: IT FUCKING WORKED!
If the Bush Bastards were truly behind the 9-11 attacks, then it is their one lone success.
I doubt these clowns could find a hard dick in a whorehouse during a Navy shore leave, let alone plan an execute an attack like the one on 9-11.
The aviation industry has, it seems, sealed close to a million pages of documents related to the hijackings.
Some families are suing to get the documents unsealed.
My question is: How were they ever sealed in the first fucking place? There can not be any national security shit in commercial airline operations.
The attack on 9-11 was an attack on ALL of America, not just the victims that were killed. That information belongs to us. Release it. Quit fucking fueling the conspiracies.

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  1. Yeah, I hear ya...
    I lost two Very Good Friends on that Very Bad Day and if I ever thought it was anything other than a sadly superbly well planned attack pulled off by exactly who everyone thought it was from the time the second plane hit and was in fact brought on by a cabal of the bumbling stooges in DC I would of been arrested as I screamed for revenge while trying to climb over a house's wrought iron fence on Pennsylvania ave.
    Granted I could almost believe that THEY had some forewarning of something big coming down from the lands of sand, oil and stone and like a drunken Texan Toreador "stepped aside" as it came rampaging into our hearts.
    I have other very good friends who espouse the foil angle of the completely and insanely intricate Goldberg nutjob I just smile and nod after years of trying to explain how it couldn't be so