Thursday, March 5, 2009

Liar, Shithead, Fucktard, Republican

I know there are more important topics I should be covering, but I just LOVE smacking Rush Limbaugh around.
His ongoing comedy special is pure gold.
Limbaugh, a sibling of Jabba the Hutt and genuine fucktard if there ever was such a thing, routinely makes fun of peoples appearances as if he were some beefcake model. He took cheap shots like calling Chelsea Clinton the White House Dog while cackling in glee. When he made that crack, Chelsea was thirteen fucking years old. A real stand up guy.
As a young man he was a supporter of the Vietnam War, but saw fit to seek a medical deferment for a cyst on the crack of his ass. Since then he devoted a good deal of his radio show airtime to making jokes on a homeless Vietnam veteran who was crushed to death as he slept in a dumpster.
He became addicted to painkillers, and abused the drug so bad it cost him his hearing. He supplied his habit by breaking various laws one of which he was indicted on; doctor shopping. He received some kind of slap on the wrist and probation in which he broke when caught trying to bring Viagra into the U.S. with a phony prescription coming back from the Dominican Republic with several other men. Why he needed Viagra on a guys only trip with his wife back home is not quiet clear. What is clear however is that the Dominican Republic is well known for its thriving sex trade, including underage boys.
Mr. Family Values and troop supporter is the poster boy for hypocrite.
And now he is de facto leader of the Republican Party. HA HA
Whenever a Repugnant says anything bad about Pigboy, they have to issue an apology or face the wrath of the fucktards. LOL! I love it.
It is so obvious that he wants the Democrats in power. He had to play government apologist during Bushes disastrous eight years and now he is in blowhard heaven.
He achieved his popularity during Bill Clintons presidency by making up shit and making racists feel good about themselves again.
Now with all the attention he is getting for leading the obstructionists against Obamas honest attempt to fix the economy that George W. Bush fucked up so bad, his ego is almost as big as his girth.
Lets hope we can keep his ego swollen for many years to come, by keep the Republicans out of power.

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  1. Fat, ugly pigs should never criticize the looks of others. Rush Limpballs should be sentenced to 10 years in a mirrored room.