Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wrestling With Science Fiction

The last few years, we have seen some really stupid shit coming from the geniuses at NBC. Now some monkey has decided to change the name of the Sci-Fi Channel to SyFy. Evidently some executives overheard some wrestling (pronounced rasslin, in these parts) fans referring to the network as Skee-Fee.
Well as stupid as it is, they may as well do it, as there is very little Science Fiction on the Sci-Fi Channel anymore. Primetime hours are now filled with fucking wrestling and choke…gag… Ghost Hunters. Fuck me, are they gonna bring back John Edwards?
Look at this stupid ass logo:

I can imagine greater. Much greater. How about imagining some GODDAMN SCIENCE FICTION you Fuckers?! Or at least imagine some goddamn better grammar.
What pisses me off the most is, there are thousands upon thousands of hours of good science fiction they could be showing. The Invaders, UFO, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea… the goddamn list is fucking endless. Instead we are barraged with programming geared to the fucktards of society. And now they are making sure the fucktards know how to pronounce sci-fi correctly.
I am blaming this on George W. Bush. The whole country got fucking stupider the moment that retard darkened the White House door.
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