Friday, March 2, 2012

Oils Well That Ends Well.

With the bastards in charge of gas prices "speculating", we are now seeing the GOP fucktards using the high prices in an attempt to damage President Obama in the upcoming election.
Obama probably won't be hurt too bad by their feeble attempts, because hey... look who they are!
But Obama could use this opportunity to really put a STFU on them by one simple challenge.
Now think about it.
The GOP and their zombies are still on the fucking "drill, baby, drill" kick. The manufactured rage over the stalling of the Tar Sands pipe line project, and the perceived notion that Obama is stifiling oil drilling has got them so worked up that they, alone, could probably end the energy problem if they could just find a way to bottle all the methane they are spewing.
The fact that NONE of the oil that is slated to come from the Canadian tar sands will be sold in America, nor any that may come from ANWR for that matter.
Here is what Obama could do to put a massive Shut The Fuck Up on them.
Make a challenge to congress to write legislation that says any oil drilled in America or is piped through America has to be sold in America. Promise to sign it into law with great fanfare.
Now, you and I both know that even if this were to happen, it would not solve any energy problems here. America hogs 25% of the Earths energy resources and can only contribute 2 to 5% back. But that is not what this is about. This is about putting a STFU on some loudmouth fucktards.
After making the challenge, Obama need only respond to any high gas price critics by saying give me the legislation to sell only in America and I will open up the drilling.
Oil companies will not support this because they are all having hard ons about selling it to China, so by default the GOP bastards will not support it, so of course it will never pass. The creative ways of listening them try to spin it as why they want to sell Americas oil to the fucking Commies would be very entertaining.
At lease two things could come from it:
1. It would educate many people on what drilling for oil really means. People would see that oil companies are really just there to make profit and could give a flying fuck about the American consumer.
2. Obama would have the mandate to push for alternative energy sources. Whenever an opponent to it speaks up, all he has to say is, "Where's my bill, Bitch?" Keep the bastards on the defense why they want to sell Americas oil to the Commies.
However, there is nothing in Obama's history that shows that he would do anything like that. I guess it would be to mean to make the Republicans put up or shut the fuck up, but it is a good thought.
Space Trucker... Out.

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