Monday, March 19, 2012

Squealing Pig, Crouching Shitbag.

Drug addled, draft dodger Rush Limbaugh recently got himself into some hot water over some remarks he made about a female Georgetown student on his pig squeakfest radio show.
As someone who hates women and has obviously no idea what the fuck it is he is talking about when it comes to biology, Rush ranted, among other vile things, that he wanted the student to post videos of herself having sex online so he could watch them.
Granted Pigboy has given a somewhat tepid apology for his remarks while saying he was tricked into making them by President Obama and the Democrats. Like most millionare white male Republicans, he is always the victim.
I have listened to his A.M. hatefest off and on for almost 2 decades, and in all of that time I have never heard anything that makes me think that Limbaugh likes girls in any manner, let alone wants to have sex with them.
His statements that the girl is a slut because she wanted to take contraceptive medication every day obviously meant she was having sex every day, shows that Limbaugh was so disinterested in girls while in school that he never paid the least bit attention in biology class. (I never paid attention in school either but somehow I found out that the pill works differently than the way Rush's Viagra does when it comes to sex.)
Rush wouldn't want to watch a video of a young lady having sex for the same reason most men would, he would would watch it for the disgust facctor, using the opportunity to make disgusting jokes and revel in being repulsed.
What puzzles me, and I imagine it puzzles the vile pig man too, is how come this was what it took to spark a national outrage and advertiser boycott of his sponsers? He has said much worse things in the past about women, underage girls, minorities, veterans , the poor, etc. without ever getting into trouble.
Back in the mid to late 90s, a homeless mans death made national news. He was a decorated combat veteran who served during the VIetnam War. I can't recall which branch of the military he was in, but I assume it was either the Army or the Marines.
Like many of the guys who came back from that war, this fellow had a hard time adjusting to civilian life and sank into the madness of mental disease. Living on the streets, homeless he sought shelter in a dumpster in some back alley. He was crushed to death when the truck came to empty it during the night.
The vulgar stack of pig shit and sewage known as Rush Limbaugh devoted most of his show making fun of the man. The man who had served his country valiantly in a war that Limbaugh was able to dodge the draft from, became fodder for his hate filled jokes.
Repulsed and disgusted at Limbaugh, I naively assumed that their would be some backlash from his vile statements by the V.A. or other armed service organizations, afterall he was broadcasted on Armed Forces radio everday. Nothing happened.
Around the same time, Pigman called, the then 12 year old, Chelsea Clinton the "White House Dog". Surely, I thought, even the most ardent and staunch conservative wouldn't condone attacking a young girl like that. Silence from the Right.
Year after year, the putrid porker got away with his vile attacks on people whose only crime was being in existance.
Now it seems that it finally has caught up with him, but lets be honest to ourselves. Even if by some miracle, Limbaugh is forced off the air, he is already one of the richest men in America. He will never really pay for his vilifying of verterans, minorities, and women. Karma is only a myth.
I doubt seriously that the disgusting bastard will go anywhere. His ratings are up, and he will find someone to fill the holes left by the fleeing advertisers.
Their will always be a market for hate, and no one is better at delivering it than Rush Limbaugh.
Women will always be defending themselves against social conservatives who wish to take their rights away, giving Pig Breath the material he needs to make fun of.
A whole new generation of combat veterans will be coming home after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and will be coping with adjusting to civilian life. Unfortunately, many will not be able to do so easily. With the Republicans staunch opposition to funding for such things to help them cope, we will see many of them slide into poverty and homelessness. Some will die from the conditions.
Somewhere a disgusting pigman is squealing in delight at the thought of the show he will be airing.

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