Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GOP: Close The Door On The Way Out

I remember this time four years ago, I thought that there could not be a more lopsided presidential race.
After all, Grandpa McCain had just picked an unvetted former swimsuit model to be his running mate, on top of coming off of the worse White House administration in the countries history.
The GOP was in a death spiral.
Then two years later, the fringe lunatics of the party managed to seize power in the mid terms, exploiting the fears of racists and imbeciles that the evil black man was going to take their guns from them and force them to marry a queer.
With that bunch or morons calling the shots, the GOP ran one helluva wacky ass clown car of a primary finally having to settle on a Massachusetts liberal they hated almost as much as they hated Obama. 
This lopsidedness makes 08 laughable.
Basically all Obama has to do now is just sit back and watch the implosion.
And that is what is happening with the GOP. Imploding. Ever seen a movie with a submarine having a hull breach? The vessel crumples in on itself.
That is what the Romney campaign looks like. It is not a slow motion train wreck as depicted by so many. It is a massive turd that has collapsed from its own weight and is now drying in the sun. A smudge of shit that is so massive, that people can not help but point and laugh while simultaneously being shocked and disgusted.
Sad really. While I was intending to give my vote to Obama, I was hoping that he would have to fight for it. Or at least act like he had to break a sweat to get it.
There is stuff to be critical of Obama and his first term. Unfortunately, he doesn't have to address that now. 
The GOP couldn't or wouldn't focus on an honest debate. Instead they elevated idiocy like the Birthers and tin foil hat wearing nutjobs to a national level and ran with that.
That was the only way they saw to be able to keep from having to pay their fair share of taxes.
Republican Party... It has been a hoot, but you won't be missed. Well, maybe a little... Like a toothache.


  1. I don't know what the fuck is going on with that highlighted text bullshit.

  2. I've had your RSS feed for quite a while, but can't remember where we connected. Were you on twitter once? In you hyper-activity year 2009?
    I've been promoting you when I do manage to see your copy in my Google Reader.
    Terry Travers

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