Monday, December 17, 2012

The Root of All Evil Part One

Let's play pretend.
Pretend you are godawful fucking rich. I mean so insanely wealthy that you will never have to worry about money the rest of your life. Neither will your kids, grand kids, or great grand kids.
You can do anything you want in this world that is physically or technologically possible to be done. Anything. You could fly to Paris for fucking breakfast whenever you want. Build your own goddam spaceship if you wanted to. Buy the fucking bar you are getting hammered at because you ain't ready for the last call.
That kind of rich.
What could be left to give you pleasure?
Well, if you are an American gazillionaire, you would probably find the only pleasure left is in making other people miserable.
Take your typical "job creator".
He and his homies come into a community. They notice that it has a manufacturing plant that is pretty much the anchor of the towns economy.
They then buy into it, aquiring a majority of the stocks. Borrow against the assets, give themselves HUGE fucking bonuses, then drive the company into the dirt causing it to go bankrupt, wiping out any pensions the workers may have or nullifying any labor contract that may be in place.
Remember, they are already richer than God before they did this.
This destroyed company is now worthless and can be bought up for pennies on the dollar. And since their probably is still a demand for whatever it was they were making, the whole kit and kaboodle is sent to China for the exploitation of slave children in sweat shops. This, of course, drives the stock up and the millionaire bastards get even fucking richer.
Now to be able to do this type of atrocity you would have to completely sever yourself from any empathy you may have for your fellow countrymen.
If you had compassion, it would be very discomforting to know that a wife was weeping in fear of the uncertain future, held tightly in her laid off husbands arms who was vainly whispering that things would be ok and he would find work somewhere.
To know that the kids would be told that Santa would not be coming this year, like he did last year, would cause normal compassionate people varying degrees of guilt and shame for causing it.
As a filthy rich millionaire, you would not only find these things pleasurable, you would, much like a sex addict, feverishly trying to pound out one more dry orgasm from his raw and abused member, while watching people exploited on underground porn, exploit the very same people you sent into bankruptcy as moochers and takers.
You would yell that they should quit drawing unemployment insurance and get off their lazy entitled asses and get to work.
You would gleefully point out that they should simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
You would whisper to a fellow millionaire, "Hey check this out. See if I can do it with a straight face", and then tell all these broken and destroyed families that you can help them by giving yourself yet another tax cut, after all you are a job creator.
If any displaced worker manages to have his voice heard, simple shout over it with all of the media you own and tell him he is in the place he is because it is the unions fault.
You could run for president. After all, George W. Bush got to be president for his own personal pleasure.
If that fails because your friends voter suppression scheme didn't work as planned, their would be no need to feel down.
Their are tons of working class people out there that you can exploit to get your spirits up.
Pull the strings of your state level politicians. Make them ramrod a union busting law through in the middle of the night in the biggest labor union built state in the country.
Do it during the holidays and consider it a Christmas gift.
Use the media you own to push for Medicare and Social Security cuts.
Offer as a compromise, making millionaire tax cuts permanent, to any ideas of letting the Bush era tax cuts expire as they were designed to do. Don't worry. The legislative politicians you are controlling have no danger of losing their seats because of the creative gerrymandering you engineered.

End Part 1.

The recent school shootings has put me off on writing this post for awhile. I will finish it up later.