Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Asshole of the Week - President Obama

This edition of ASSHOLE OF THE WEEK goes to, President Obama.
Obama in continuing his tradition of trying to emulate The Bastard Reagan, signed an executive order freezing the pay raises of civil service employees for 2 years.
"Despite the sacrifices that I knew a pay freeze would entail for our dedicated civil servants, I concluded that a two-year freeze in the upward statutory adjustment of pay schedules is a necessary first step in our effort to address the challenge of our fiscal reality," Obama lied.
Civil service employees normally make less than their private sector counterparts, sometimes up to half as much.
Obama gives the royal, no lube, ass fucking to working class families while compromising, without even so much as an argument, to give 880 billion fucking dollars to the millionaires and billionaires.
This is just another step in the Republican wet dream of destroying all government agencies and replacing it with big corporations.
This is unforgivable.
Other than the repeal of DADT, and getting a watered down Health Care Reform passed, what would really be the different if Grandpa and the Swimsuit Model had won the election instead?
Obama, I expected more of you.
I expected a fighter. Not a pussy.
I expected a champion of people. Not another corporate whore.
Obama, are you getting bad advice from somebody?
Do you think that if you continue to give everything to the fucking Republicans that they might not notice that you are black and pretend to like you?
What the fuck, man?
Yes, I would love to see my country united again. That ain't going to happen soon. Until then, it would be fucking nice to see my side doing the ass kicking instead of getting fucked in the ass.
I'm tired of fucking millionaires pissing on me and calling it trickle down.
What are you going to do next Obama? Bust up the few remaining labor unions?
I guess I had better shut up before he gets some more ideas to please his corporate masters.
Fuck it.
Obama, you are an asshole.

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