Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old Dead Hands.

Remember this?
Back in the 20th century, sad has-been Charleton Heston challenged then Vice President Al Gore to pry that flintlock or musket or whatever the fuck it is out of his "cold dead hands".
Notice he didn't hold up a goddam assault rifle with a 30 round banana clip, did he?
It was easy to make that defying stand as no one was concerned about a fucking Daniel Boone gun.
To bad Al Gore didn't take him up on it.
Responsible gun owners are one thing.
The NRA is another.
They are just a lobbying group for the gun manufacturers and mouthpiece of the Republican Party.
They stoke fear and hate into the stupid people of our country and keep the fire burning as hot as possible.
They have spawned an idiotic sub-culture that worships guns and fears the government.
It is time to do something. It is time to make the NRA as outdated and about as useful as that fucking muzzle loader of Hestons.
Fuck the NRA.