Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Evil Labor Agenda

Ok. The title of this posting is misleading, as is the picture.
I am blogging from my cell phone during a fucking boring ass safety meeting and I am limited on time to formulate a witty title about my union meeting last night.
Also, I have no cool grahic on my phone so I just snapped a picture from a "Social Policy" magazine article with my cell.
As the saftey guy drones on and fucking on about why you should wear a hard hat or something, some of us are performing our "Twitter Prayer". Heads bowed with our hands in our laps, we give the appearance of penance. Pious and repentant we are obviously praying to the Lord to forgive us for our long coffee breaks and to bless our company and fellow employees to be productive and profitable.
Ha ha, fucking right.
Twitter Prayer. I think that is a good name for us nerds thumb typing away in our own little world.
Obviously, this is what I am doing. I have no idea what the fucktard across from me is texting. Maybe he is sexting. A term I heard on Bill Maher where people send naughty texts and pictures from their cell phones.
Anyway, at the union meeting last night we held nominations to send delegates to the international convention in Washington D.C. next month.
The rules have changed this year. It used to be the president of the local was an automatic delegate and the alternate delegate was picked by the local, pretty well however they wanted.
Now, we are required to have nominations followed by a blind vote. As expected, the membership nominated our president as the delegate and yours truely as the alternate. As there were no other nominations no vote was needed as we won by default.
As I said above, the convention this year is in D.C.
Last year it was in Las Vegas. :-) Not only was it in Vegas, the hotel we were at was the Star Trek Hilton. he he. This was just mere weeks before the geniuses at the Hilton decided they didn't want the Trek Experience there anymore even though the rebooting of the Star Trek franchise was happening. Fuck them. I hope I hear about the wrecking ball making it into a parking lot soon.
A guy in my local once asked me why did we have to go to the more exotic cities for our coventions and conferences. Poor fellow is pretty much a fucktard and has to be explained things very slowly.
Although I doubt he ever understood what the fuck I was saying, basically the CWA has a rule where they only use hotels where the workforce is organized. That pretty much leaves out a good portion of the country.
I do think that we should patronize union businesses whenever possible too. However, I think there is something to the idea of bringing a big international labor convention to a predominant non union city. Perhaps a place like Birmingham or Huntsville.
The exposure of these poor area bastards who are inundated non stop with pro fascist, anti labor propaganda may end up being a good thing.
When the cab driver or food server hears hundreds of people from the U.S. and Canada talking about the much better working conditions, maybe they will listen.
I love the thought of our asshole city council here in Huntsville trembling at the thought of having labor organizers in town, yet try to justify the millions of dollars the city would lose by not allowing them to come.
Anyway. I am gonna be in D.C. for a week next month. come see me.

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  1. Wish I was going with u. Never been to THAT Washingtton. Too bad about the Trek Hotel. Guess Hilton doesn't know Trekkons are diehards. Anyway, hope you tweet us some good pics when u go to DC