Monday, May 4, 2009

Party of NO!

Read a tweet awhile ago stating that leaders of the G.O.P. are defending off shore tax havens in response to the current administrations plan to close that shitty tax loophole.
While I didn't follow the link posted with the tweet and confirm it, this is indeed the type of desperation the Repugs have sunk to.
It appears that they plan on opposing every fucking thing Obama does regardless of what is right for the country or what Americans want.
While I have seen many fucktards making fools of themselves, I have never seen it done on such a massive scale. Even the great Cockhunt of 98 wasn't as bad as this.
One can almost forgive the fucktards then as their obsession with Bill Clintons cock drove them insane. Add that to a roaring economy and peace, what else could a fucktard do?
But now we are in an economic crisis and trying to deal with two wars and the Repugs want to pull this shit?
I guess we should continue to point and laugh at them as much as possible. It will piss them off more. And the more pissed they are the more irrational they become.
Lets do our American duty and help the fucktards in their slide into irrelevancy.
Oh, and don't feel bad about kicking them while they are down. After all, when is a better time to kick someone?

Update. Here is the link to the above mentioned article.

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  1. This was actually reported on NBC news this evening. No doubt they are fighting it. They may have to start paying their fair share of taxes. And we know they don't want that.